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Thread: Castle Story 10/3: Monster Hunt Season 21 | information about the event on page 1

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    statue now working. i got 5 tokens
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    Fruit trees DO spawn different monsters, so no need to grow trees!!!

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    Fangbeast dropped a Bottle for me just now

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    Cut down 6 more trees, and got only 1 old monster..
    Come one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortdanzr View Post
    statue now working. i got 5 tokens
    Mine seemed to be still broken. So I storaged it and put it back - now it works, sad I missed 2 collections already, since it was broken.

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    Great with fruit trees!
    I tended the first 10 and got 10 old monsters.
    The rest of the trees didn?t spawn a monster - I have 24 trees in total...
    There seems to be a limit...?

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    We fixed the following issues:
    • The Widow Statue missing a timer. You may need to store it and place it back out to see the timer.
    • Fruit trees will now spawn monsters.
    • Tokens should be dropping from more monsters.
    • More Pigs and Cows are spawning monsters.

    If you encounter any additional issues, please let us know!
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    The widow spider makes a creepy noise when you are fight him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeeDeeBird70 View Post
    I hate to tell you but with the descriptions of when past beasts, etc were available, you listed Beastmaster SEPTEMBER 2019. I do think we are in OCTOBER.

    Sorry, you do put in so much work to provide information for all of us. I really do appreciate all you do.
    Tis not me! I don't provide that info but I'm sure Shibuya will fix her text when she can.

    I've linked in pics and text from players till I get back in later to write page 1. Happy monster hunt!

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    Venomous mantiwort monster gave me venomous mantiwort tokens instead of widow tokens!!

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