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Thread: Castle Story 10/3: Monster Hunt Season 21 | information about the event on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amore1234567 View Post

    Could someone please chime in and answer whether or not the Cyclonian drops enchanted essence or lumin essence every collection????

    Thanks in advance
    It did not for me. Most times, neither dropped. Mine's in storage. There was a bit of grumbling about this one and things might have changed? Honestly, for 250 tokens you might be better off with two widows, which give the chance of expansion permits, if you are considering alternatives.

    Someone who's had it out more consistently might have more info. I will say, it's great artwork and I do like the option of having it out in my realm if I ever want to!

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    Need fangbeasts to spawn?

    Quote Originally Posted by Galadraal View Post
    Yes yesterday and today but fangbeasts are not showing up much
    I was having trouble too finding a way to trigger fangbeasts and for me collecting from my chickens continue to be my main source. Hope this helps others too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smeaksy View Post
    Hi, if you don't mind me asking? How have you managed to save so much energy? Is it from the crates we win sometimes? So, energy is one thing I really struggle with lol! :0)
    I did not finish all the way past two events. Ive been sick so prioritizing. Last ones I was happy with aquarium columns and baby shark, and sadly I did not have the trade tickets to finish the academy on time so going slow at my own pace and keeping all my energy.

    I do have two wizard schools, 34 dailies, 4 unicorns, and 4 weeklies which I collect today plus the faerie that drops 5. My dragons and animals usually give another 5 on a good day. So if I check in for the schools a few times a day and make sure I collect all once a day its easy in a couple weeks to make that much energy. And even when playing the aquarium event, to the point I got to I was still making more than using.

    I should say most were prizes. The tent is so important and I received one weekly alicorn from the videos so they do exist lol. I have only bought during those big sales when gems are on sale and items are on sale maybe 3 spring alicorns and one other. And a second sale bought one daily alicorn (forgot which). So only 5 of 34 were bought, the others either prizes or mostly from the tent. This is why the cabbage hut or two is necessary .

    Hope this explains how I got my energy and hope you get a hut too if you don?t have one and save your cabbage flr alis or something that gives good prizes! They dont put as many alis anymore but the pop up from time to tome so hording cabbage is good bc you can get lucky and have 2 in one month. Good luck with the hunt and again I recommend a hut if you dont have one!

    *forgot to mention adventures. I have the barracks so thats three going out and they usually bring back energy. Plus for trade you can make energy and greenhouse you can make it to have in stock, and then there is the crates as prizes which I stoxk up on so I probably have 5K really just 4K out.
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    Love the game & aesthetics, want it to look real/fun & true! During quests sadly aesthetics put aside for collections, but happy when over. Have expansions to improve as well!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kareichan View Post
    @mientoentje If it's possible, can you mention the drops for the Armored Widow, please?
    I posted yesterday: Armored Widow was waste of tokens for me: Wisp Lanterns, Earth Wisps, Fur, Jewels, Elvenite Lighjt Armor

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    Spawns from the fruit trees are hit or miss, I've had to fight 4-5 monsters when collection from my 16 trees, but just now I got 0.

    Though I don't really like how the widow queen looks, I'm going to try for 2 if I won't get enough tokens for the kelpie or the kitsunecorn. Got enough for one already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Destiel0918 View Post
    I posted yesterday: Armored Widow was waste of tokens for me: Wisp Lanterns, Earth Wisps, Fur, Jewels, Elvenite Lighjt Armor
    Sorry, I missed your post. Thank you for the info, sorry it was a waste

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    If you are looking for Widow Soldiers Royal Cow and Pig give them on first shot 90% of the time. I had the Spider Baby the first evening. Sorry I did not think to post this until just now.

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    Tried to do yardwork earlier.. kept stopping to tap on trees. Gonna need a landscaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by venatemp View Post
    I have collected from the Widow Queen now twice and so far have been flagged for Earth Wisps both times and received a few coins. Sad Face
    I have two widow queens.
    First Widow collection : 2 Trade tickets and something else (was too excited to see the two trade tickets to pay attention to whatever else fell out of her)
    Second Widow: 2 Wisp Lanterns and coins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by venatemp View Post
    I have the Cyclonian that I bought on sale a while back and I am not disappointed as now I am maxed on both enchanted and lumin essence.
    To answer your specific question, the drops of each are not every collection but 70%ish.
    Awesome! Thank you!

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