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Thread: Bakery Story: October 2019

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    Oct 2019
    I pretty much accept anyone! My ID is: sstrive

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    Please add Marii73 I play everyday and gift to those that gift me goals are hard to do without help from neighbors I also play fashion story bakery story thank you

    ID: Marii73

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    Add me: Whitewolf345

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    Oct 2019
    Please add me: miahuyen

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    Bakery Story in-game group of neighbors looking for a few more active members.

    Read ALL below before adding please.
    Too long to read version at bottom.

    Actual rules:
    1) Gift current event parts (no food gifts ever) on same schedule as all members. We all gift current event parts only, during the current event, and fill all requests. I post on my wall what parts to send, and dates to send them.
    2) On the first of every month all members post on my wall to "check in" so I know everyone is active. This way we know all members are active.
    3) tipping is NOT required.

    Those are the only rules.
    Below is just further explanation of just how it works.

    We have 24 members currently but would like a few more. If you want to join us you would be added by ALL 24 members.

    We hold gifting on the first day of a new event so we can all gift the new event item once it's available.

    We all stay on the same schedule so everyone has time to finish and the faster members don't leave the slower members behind.

    For 15 day goals we will gift parts to the first stove for 4 days.
    Day 5 is a "transition" day of "gifting what you need". Meaning if you are still building the first stove you gift first stove parts, but if you are ready for the second stove then you gift the second stove parts. This way you can get some of what you need, keep or decline the rest.

    Second stove parts then run for 8-10 days. This allows everyone a chance to finish. I do tend to continue event parts until practically everyone is finished, I try not to leave anyone struggling behind. Usually even the slowest player is only 1 maybe 2 days behind everyone else anyway.

    Most of us don?t use the cancel an order, start a new one trick. So if you like to move very fast we may not be right for you.

    If practically everyone is finished before the event ends then I will post that everyone may send gifts of their choice, unless someone asks for something specific.

    Yes, you are allowed to ask for the group to mass send something you need. For example, If you need Oven elements we can all send each other that for a day or two. We do not gift food ever.

    Tipping/visiting is completely optional. Many members don?t tip or visit at all, but are fully active in gifting and filling requests.

    On the first day of every month everyone ?checks in? on my wall just so I know you are still active. This is an easy way to keep track of anyone who has quit playing without notice.

    You no longer have to try and figure out if your neighbors are still active or not, I take care of that for you.

    Setting a reminder on your phone is very helpful in remembering to check in. If you forget I will post a friendly reminder on your wall.

    If I don?t hear from you after 2 weeks and several reminders then members will be told to remove you. You are free to join us again if you start playing again.

    If you go on vacation or need a break for any reason I ask that you post on my wall so you don?t get removed accidentally.

    If you finish building for the event before the group is done gifting you are allowed to ask individual members to gift you something else. They are not required to do so though. Please don?t post these requests on my wall unless you are asking me specifically.

    If you would like to join and agree to play this way then add me and let me know in game that you saw this here and would like to join. Post your ID on my wall and I will then ask all the members to add you.

    TLTR version
    A group of 24 members will add you if you are willing to play the way we do.
    No gifts of food ever.
    Event parts gifted on the same schedule. I post on my wall what to gift and dates to gift.
    *MUST post on my wall on the first of each month to "check in" so I know you are active.
    Tipping is option, not required.

    Feel free to ask any questions.

    If you agree to play this way and want to join then add me, ID is Lueann and post on my wall letting me know in game that you saw this here and would like to join along with the word poppet since some people are adding me without reading this. Post your ID on my wall and I will then ask all the members to add you.
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    Feel free to add me ! Id : tanklist
    Add my friend's account too Id: herowood5
    Thanks !

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    ID: kimmy42. I am level 99. Pls add me for parts only. Thx. No tipping, sorry.

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    Looking for active players who gift daily and answers request. Tipping not required. My ID is pix35

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    Looking for active neighbors. I had the game a while ago and had to restart. I tip and gift daily. ID: AliceMoontheNeko

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    add me cinder_creeper

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