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Thread: Bakery Story: October 2019

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    Bakery Story: October 2019

    Looking for active neighbours?

    Post your Storm8 ID here. Only one post per ID please.

    Information for new players:
    Check out Welcome to Bakery Story to get started. Happy Baking!

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    Add me xtinalogan2019. I had to start over was a level 99 player.

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    Nov 2014
    Needing some more active neighbors! I play daily. ID: LemonWho

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    Add me - MintyGirl1010

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    Oct 2019
    Ive started a second bakery Please add me. 12GIRL601

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    Hello! I am a returning player looking for neighbors! Please add me! I will be trying to tip and gift daily 😃

    ID: mireley

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    Thebaker344..add me

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    Feel free to send a request: kristiekins BS & RS.
    I gift daily (goal and then random parts). You can gift whatever 😊

    I always respond to requests, but I don?t tip or expect to be tipped. I don?t gift wall requests,
    It takes too much time. 😊

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    Hi please add me to your neighborhood.
    Storm ID: jazznikks2429

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    add me play bs, rs id is tammy01977 just downloaded game again and need new neighbors. will re-tip and gift everyday.

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