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Thread: Land maps

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    Land maps

    Can you add to the spell shop land maps to be turned into the new land tokens? Getting a lot of them and taking up storage?

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    So many of us are completely out of use for maps yet they insist on giving them as prizes in events and still have a quest for them. It's beyond frustrating Especially since maps can be given by neighbors so players that still need them can gather 20 per day just by requesting them.

    Hey Storm8: Keys are the new Maps!!!
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    They have stopped adding maps to my storage. Spin rewards maps, bingo quests, dragon tales maps.......I can't use them but S8 doesn't understands or ignores us when we make a simple request to have the option to use them for keys. The need for 3o days to expand is too long when you are continually challenges etc that you need that it to make items or dragons to hope to get closer to completion. And even half a day is too long to make key.

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