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    Quote Originally Posted by TeikaEmberstorm View Post
    It's taking a while. The next stage (bubble 7) asks for more sinister seeds. The statue has an hour timer. I think I will need to collect more often.

    I love the sinister seeds. I wish we could have more of the crazy plants. The sinister seed in a terracotta pot would be adorable. I bought the Portalpillar Maximus trap that looks like the glimmer trap plant resource and I think it is really cute. I put it beside Ivy's home. The purple graphic version of it showed up in a task and it was lovely. More sinister plant decor please? I could easily see a crazy plants event with lots of colorful plants. And there are already some graphics that could be worked with. Maybe start it off with the Baron thinking he is planting a money tree, have him get wrapped up in the sinister plants, figure a way to tame them and have them as decor while rescuing the Baron.

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    I would like this if we DIDN'T rescue the Baron! At least not right away, maybe a second event to "rescue". He needs to experience the repercussions of his poor decisions.......lolol
    Plz add: SofiaDeo, pinkpresence (Pinks Place), impylou (Queen Impylou), aaerie (Aaerie)
    Plz ask all 4 or none, thx

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    Quote Originally Posted by SylvanSanctuary View Post
    I think it took me 2 days or so of continuous collecting to get the 5 seeds. It felt long at the time because they are not guaranteed. But when I look back on that storyline it wasn?t too bad. The Benediction Brews were much much longer.
    I am now collecting the 25 Sinister Seeds. They are not dropping very often from the Statue. However, I surely agree that it beats chopping all those Aspen Trees for the Traveler's Brews.

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