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Thread: Castle Story 9/26: The Academy (main story)

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    Quote Originally Posted by maridadi View Post
    Hi all. Finally got enough scrolls to awaken a student, and chose Honora

    Attachment 53791Attachment 53792

    Goals triggered -> Academy Lessons: Honorable Heroism.

    Attachment 53793

    Step 1:
    Attachment 53794

    Step 2: (sorry forgot to take the image, so not quoting the goal verbatim)
    Get sap X1
    Give sap X1
    Get living wood X1
    Giving living wood X1

    Step 3:
    Attachment 53795

    ➡️Edit - would be great to know what the goals for Rhea and Jared are as well.

    I'm working on Jared but the 'Give a hearty feast' is not working as has been posted a page or so back. Waiting on S8 to remedy the situation & will post the next steps when I can move forward.
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    I did Rhea but did not write down the goals:

    Step 1:

    Step 2:
    Get Prime Cut 1x
    Give Prime Cut 1x
    Get Truffle 1x
    Give Truffle 1x
    Get Golden Egg 1x
    Give Golden Egg 1x

    Upgrade a Farmhouse to any level 1x (80 gems)

    Prize: 5 min infinite enegry
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    Quote Originally Posted by ut3n1 View Post
    I already had 67 hearty feasts but the goal showed i had 0 so I made 1. But now the goal still shows I have 0. So I?m stuck at this point.
    This has been fixed. Thanks for surfacing this issue!
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