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Thread: Clue bingo for Australia

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    Clue bingo for Australia

    Please make clue bingo available for Australia. Australian Storm8 players are disadvantaged for bonuses because they can?t download the CLUE BINGO app. Help please 🙏🏻

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    If you see the offer but can’t find the game in the app store, then your app store country or region may not match your device settings. You can update your app store region to match your device’s region setting to see the game in the app store.

    If you experience any issues with your account, please submit a ticket to Support at Storm8. The link is in my signature

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    Rhino Keeper
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    What is Clue Bingo?
    It doesn’t appear in my App Store
    How do we change region settings?

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    Maybe it is Cluedo bingo ,that one is in my App Store as a S8 game, otherwise I have no clue.

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