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Thread: Invisible Items

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    Invisible Items

    I have stopped playing farm story 2 because I have two items on my farm that are invisible and they are effecting my game play. M One of them is my wishing well but I have no idea what the other one is (it's in the empty space next to the grapes) - in fact I didn't know anything was there until I moved something into the empty space and about 10 seconds later my game refreshed and the item I had moved went back to its original place. Please can someone help me to remove my wishing well and whatever the other item is from my farm?

    I have emailed and used the request form but my ticket is being closed immediately.


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    Here's a picture of my issue. The yellow square is my invisible wishing well and the land in front of my grapes is completely unusable. This issue began when I moved from iOS to android. Maybe there is something there that's only available on iPhone, if so please remove it for me.

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