If Storm8 is using the feedback from this forum ONLY, to determine whether or not to give players the ability to add neighbors and post on neighbors' walls, is a serious mistake. There are numerous players, who probably don't even know how to get on this forum, who would welcome neighbors. Associating with neighbors is part of the fun of the game. There are good things about Bakery Story 2, but when players realize that there is no way to add neighbors, many of them drop the game.

Of course there are always going to be players who are rude, or too easily upset. Adding a way to block and unblock other players from being able to contact you, or see your bakery, would take care of that issue. I realize there is a way to block others from posting to your personal wall in Bakery Story, but that still leaves the issue of a person being able to see what others have posted and seeing the layout of your bakery. That info can then be used to post about you on their own wall, or other players' walls. The ability to COMPLETELY block another player from even seeing your wall and bakery would be the best option. A recurring violator of "posting rules" could be kicked out of the game altogether.

Don't make the rest of us do without neighbors, just because some other players are mean.

Thank you.