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Thread: Please Overhaul The Dragon Tales Event

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    The name says it all

    Please Overhaul The Dragon Tales Event

    The title says it all. The Dragon Tales event leaves a lot to be desired and I have quite a few suggestions when it comes to overhauling the event. A few will be mentioned on a snapshot of the current event.

    Here's a few that are not listed:
    1. Please stop requiring common dragons to be bred for the event. We don't have room on our islands to house them, the fails are ridiculous and it hinders breeding the Diamond Dragon for every common required.
    2. Please stop requiring the rare dragon to go on quests. We have enough commons to send them on quests. Suggestion: Use Water and Air for quests like in the past.
    3. Eliminate the need to hatch the Ultra Rare dragon to get the token to craft the token dragon.

    Here are a few within the current tales. Look for the suggestions in Bold.

    Chapter 1 (4 Acts)

    1. Plant 6 Firapples. (Skip: 12 gold)
    2. Harvest 6 Firapples. (Skip: 50 gold)
    3. Feed ANY dragons 5 times. (Skip: 10 gold ) (Prize:210 Sandking Symbols)
    4. Plant ANY 6 crops. (Skip: 12 gold )
    Prize: 1 Eagle Tablet

    Chapter 2 (4 Acts)
    Unlock chapter early: 5 gold

    1. Feed ANY dragons 8 times. (Skip: 16 gold)
    2. Plant 3 Impruberries. (Skip: 48 gold) (Prize:210 Sandking Symbols)
    3. Collect Sandking Symbols from Breeding. (Skip: 30 gold) (Prize:1 Eagle Tablet)
      (or from winning a battle in the Arena during a Tourney)
    4. Start crafting your Osiris Dragon. (Skip: 14 gold) - Lower the incubation time for the rare dragon to 5 hours since we have to wait 6 hours to craft it anyway.
    Prize: 15,000 coins - A prize should never be coins. This one should be 2500 food.

    Chapter 3 (3 Acts)
    Unlock chapter early: 10 gold

    1. Hatch your Osiris Dragon. (Skip: 21 gold)
    2. Raise your Osiris Dragon to level 3. (Skip: 7 gold)(Prize:210 Sandking Symbols)
    3. Start the Desert Dance Quest. (Skip: 7 gold)
    Prize: 2,500 Firapples - The prize should be more than 2.5K apples. 4K would be more appropriate.

    Chapter 4 (4 Acts)
    Unlock chapter early: 15 gold

    1. Start the Sandy Throne Quest. (Skip: 7 gold)
    2. Raise Osiris Dragon to level 4. (Skip: 20 gold)
    3. Breed Mist Dragon with another dragon. (Skip: 50 gold)(Prize:210 Sandking Symbols)
    4. Start crafting a Potted Papyrus (do not collect until Act 2 of Chapter 5). (Skip: 20 gold) - This is given as a prize at the end of chapter 8. Stop requiring us to craft something we get as a useless prize anyway. Also, let people know to not collect the craft until the next chapter. Thankfully Deadpixel lets people know about this.
    Prize: 12 Mystic Maps - Useless prize for higher level players. Give 20 marble keys for the higher level players and leave the maps for lower level players (79 or below).

    Chapter 5 (4 Acts)
    Unlock chapter early: 20 gold

    1. Raise Osiris Dragon to level 7. (Skip: 21 gold)
    2. Craft and decorate with a Potted Papyrus. (Skip: 25 gold) (Prize:210 Sandking Symbols) - Eliminate this task!
    3. Collect Sandking Symbols from Breeding. (Skip: 30 gold) (Prize:1 Scarab Tablet)
      (or from winning a battle in the Arena during a Tourney)
    4. Start the Desert Dance Quest. (Skip: 7 gold)
    Prize: 4,000 Firapples

    Chapter 6 (5 Acts)
    Unlock chapter early: 25 gold

    1. Start crafting a Ancient Mirror (do not collect until Act 3 of Chapter 7). (Skip: 12 gold) - This is not needed to craft the final item. Get rid of this also
    2. Hatch a common Thebes Dragon (Breed Black + Red). (Skip: 50 gold) (Prize:1 Scarab Tablet) - Get rid of this requirement.
    3. Start the Sandy Throne Quest. (Skip: 15 gold)
    4. Raise Osiris Dragon to level 11. (Skip: 100 gold)
    5. Collect Sandking Symbols from Breeding. (Skip: 60 gold)
      (or from winning a battle in the Arena during a Tourney)
    Prize: 210 Sandking Symbols

    Chapter 7 (5 Acts)
    Unlock chapter early: 30 gold

    1. Complete the Desert Dance Quest. (Skip: 24 gold) - Stop requiring this for the 1st act of any chapter.
    2. Raise Osiris Dragon to level 13. (Skip: 150 gold) (Prize:1 Scarab Tablet)
    3. Craft and decorate with another Ancient Mirror. (Skip: 25 gold) (Prize:210 Sandking Symbols)
    4. Breed Osiris Dragon with another dragon. (Skip: 25 gold) (Prize:1 Scarab Tablet)
    5. Start crafting your Bastet Dragon. (Skip: 9 gold) - Lower the incubation time to 3 hours since we have to craft this.
    Prize: 12 Island Parts - Again, the prize should be either 20 Marble Keys or 7000 food for players level 80 or above

    Chapter 8 (5 Acts)
    Unlock chapter early: 35 gold

    1. Raise Bastet Dragon to level 5. (Skip: 50 gold)
    2. Breed Osiris Dragon with a Thebes Dragon. (Skip: 50 gold)
    3. Win 1 Battle Arena Match with your Bastet Dragon. (Skip: 25 gold)
    4. Raise your Thebes Dragon to level 6. (Skip: 12 gold)(Prize:480 Sandking Symbols)
    5. Win 2 Battle Arena Matches in the Battle Arena. (Skip: 50 gold)
    Prize: 4 Potted Papyrus - Already a craft in chapter 4. The prize for completing chapter 8 should be 30 essence for all levels. Plus, it's a useless prize that clutters our storage.

    Chapter 9 (5 Acts)
    Unlock chapter early: 45 gold

    1. Win 2 Battle Arena Matches with your Bastet Dragon. (Skip: 50 gold)
    2. Raise Bastet Dragon to Level 8. (Skip: 30 gold)
    3. Complete the Desert Dance Quest. (Skip: 24 gold) - Make an act to start the quest. It doesn't make sense to say complete this for those who are new players.
    4. Craft a Pharaoh's Garb. (Skip: 40 gold)(Prize:820 Sandking Symbols)
    5. Raise Osiris Dragon to level 14. (Skip: 180 gold) - No, require this dragon to be raised to level 13 or lower the food requirement to get this to level 14.
    Prize: 60 Raw Marbles - If Marble Keys are offered as a chapter prize then this is good as a chapter prize.

    Chapter 10 (5 Acts)
    Unlock chapter early: 50 gold

    1. Receive 5 Eye of Horuses from Neighbors. (Skip: 35 gold)- Eliminate this requirement.
    2. Harvest 6 Firapples. (Skip: 12gold) - This one also need to be eliminated. It's a time waster with the 4 battles in the arena.
    3. Raise Bastet Dragon to level 12. (Skip: 225 gold)
    4. Craft and decorate with a Standing Sarcophagus. (Skip: 75 gold)
    5. Win 4 Battle Arena Matches in the Battle Arena. (Skip: 100 gold)
    Prize: 1,370 Sandking Symbols
    Grand Prize: 1 Neo Anubis Dragon
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    I'll like to add that they get rid of the battle with specific dragons and also raising the dragons to epic is good enough. We should have a choice on our own if we wanted to raise them above that. The food requirements are ridiculous and yet the farms output had not changed at all in years!
    Also pls get rid of all the stupid 4hrs commons required for all events!

    But I doubt any of these suggestions will be heeded honestly even after so many longtime players had abandoned this game. Lol

    I remembered this forum used to be so vibrant with many players and the tournament threads used to be more than 20 pages long. And everyone was excited with new dragons release. Sadly those days are long gone.

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    And stop giving us the useless raw marbles because it's unproductive to waste 24 precious hours to craft 1 miserable marble key! 3 hrs is more than reasonable imo.
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    I agree with most of what is stated. Though if the common dragon cost 50 gold instead of 200, that would be better at least. I didn't mind so much having to purchase the common dragon when it was not so expensive.

    I totally agree on prizes - we don't need raw marbles, we need marble keys. I have over 2,000 raw marbles! I also don't need/want potted papyrus or whatever as prizes.

    I also don't like planting/harvesting fire apples. I never do - rushrooms is my 1 hour plan and I feel like I am wasting time planting something with such a low yield.

    I will reiterate, the biggest issue for me is the common dragon. If you get the common dragon then great but if not then you cannot finish or must spend gold and there is no way to avoid it. With Community and Leaderboard you can at least craft the common dragon - which is what I end up doing 95% of the time - so they should have an alternate for the common dragon for Tales. Or, get rid of needing it.

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    Thanks to all of the above for re-posting suggestions made by many many players in recent times.

    Can moderators please ensure they are seen by those with the power to authorise change.

    What about a poll seeking player views - this would need to be in 2 parts - above and below Level 80 players.

    Oh for the days when many of us were excited enough about this game to post tournament results etc.

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    Please, please, pretty please stop giving Mystic Maps as a "prize"! Most of us can't use them and those players that do need them have a quest and can also get 20 per day by neighbor request. Marble Keys - even just 5 - would be a far more useful prize.
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