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Don’t get me wrong I’m also a fan of the Warrior Shark.
The guaranteed fish drops are great.
And I am also one for “pond diversity” despite water being something I never think about.

I loved all the animation for this event too.
It is why I caved and spent the 120gems on Meghana.
(despite being finished for days)
My Shark Coast is a permanent addition to my kingdom.

I just think the post-event drops of Sherman and Meghana are underwhelming.

What would have been awesome...
If Sherman and Meghana stayed dropping Sea Flowers (+water, fish) every 8hrs
And the Shark Warrior started dropping a Shark Tooth (+water, fish) every 15mins
Then a new Royal Exchange trading shark items was added.
Love the royal exchange idea that would at least make it worth all the gems spent on the items including the aquarium building that has been turned into nothing more than a decoration