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Raise your hand if you?re still on level seven and haven?t even crafted your first marble column, and you?ve played all day every day since the beginning? Just me? Cool.

Broke, can?t buy packs or gem ahead. Trying to save runes to get an alicorn and I?m SO CLOSE so I cant use boosts. I?m also on the last 11 days of the hidden forest part 2 timed goal, another energy killer. You have to kill a whole tree (10 hits) for ONE green vine. At this rate, not only will I not complete THAT goal, but I cannot foresee clearing the seventh goal on this challenge for at least another two days. And it gets harder?? WHY. ALL THE WHYS.
🙋🏽*♀️Hand partially up. I'm still at goal 7 but I haven't been playing all day since the beginning. I only really started dipping my toes in last night after I saw the tide pool pond and decided I wanted two of them. I'm slowly making the fish for the aquarium and columns. Not even sure I want them because I really don't want any more water or fish or scales and after that last event, that merman isn't looking trustworthy.