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Thread: Golden Gods: Leaderboard Event - September 10 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortdanzr View Post
    i got the same as frosty. when i knew i had the special dragon. i put a boost on (even though it was full price) when it hatched. then i put it in the evolve & gold to finish it. and bred it super fast up to 10. then sent it on quests. so for 42 gold, i got 2000 points immediately. i also had a diamond in the evolve temple that i finished in taht boost. and had the long plants in the farms. since i hit so high so fast, i got all the obelisk and things right away. so i could collect from them much earlier than everyone else. which meant higher points. during that boost, i went around and fed all my dragons.
    I got the prize dragon on 4 of my 6 accounts. Two were on the same leaderboard and resets made points not show up right away so I accidentally had one in third and one in second and didn't realize I hadn't tied them. I don't play my 5 baby accounts nearly as much as my main account and with resets and crashes, I just set them up and left them be the last half hour of the event. I am not sure what happened with the other one that ended in third - I may have forgotten to go back and get more points.

    In my main account, I used a similar strategy - I had enough to craft the common dragon by the second day and sent his level 1 self on constant quests. This leaderboard, I was busy so I only did one boost at the end of the event. I prefer to do a points boost on day 4 or 5, much more chill than all the resets and crashes that happen at the end of the event.

    Anyway....I was in 6th and about 5k from second.

    Set up a boost 1 hr 50 min from end of event and immediately mined for parts to makes sure a reset didn't gunk anything up.

    I set up before hand:
    28 hr dragon on one nest
    25 hr dragon on another nest with about 10 hr to go
    5 hr diamondates with a 5X boost just getting finished
    6 hr super rare that I left on the nest
    21 hr dragon on nest
    25 hr dragon on nest
    I forget what I had in the den
    12 hr quest just finished
    the 20 pt and 60 pt totems ready to collect

    After I select the 2Xboost,
    hatch, finish breeding, and finish evolving the 28 hr dragon
    collect from farms and put more diamondates on with a 10X boost
    collect from totems
    finish quest
    feed up and put common dragon on nest and set 10X evolving boost
    raise common dragon to level 10 (use 1 gold to get everything done within the hour )
    finish evolving 25 hr dragon
    Finish diamondates (1/2 hr with 10X boost) and plant rushrooms with the rest of the boost (6min each).

    I have over 1million food from not worrying about leaderboard prize (just getting to final milestone) for a few months so I fed dragons to get the rest of the 6K.

    Because I had not been worrying about the prize dragon, I was ending in 4th or 5th place for April, May, June. That put me in a different leaderboard and I got the prize dragon in July without any effort (I was the only one to hit the last milestone and I didn't use any points boosts or time boosts). August I got the prize dragon with just a little effort, and a bit more effort was needed in Sept. I imagine it is going to get harder again and I will back off. If it is going to take to much gold/effort to get the prize dragon, I back off. I end the event at around 15K points so if someone is at 20 by the middle of the event, I don't bother with trying to get the prize dragon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortdanzr View Post
    now watch, next LB where I want the dragon, you will be on my board. I try to sync w/ players so we can share prizes, but most don't want to. only once did some want to, but i hadn't planned on going as high as them
    I tried to tie with second this last event and I was a bit upset because with all the resets and everything I messed up and fed to much and ended up 80 points or so ahead of third. I have tried syncing and writing on other players' walls but it only worked once where someone read their wall. I'm not sure how to try any other way.

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