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Thread: Game kicks me out

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    Please help me. Game kicks me out

    Hello. I hope this is the right section for the thread.
    Everytime when i want to open my game, it kicks me out. On different devices and with different IP Adresses. A friend wanted to visit my bakery and said she got kicked out, too. Other bakerys work. I already deleted the game and tried another version, re installed it, nothing works. Please help me. I want my game back

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    No one who can help?

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    I alreay contacted Storm Id, but an automatic email came back, which said, I should ask here for help. But no one is here to help. Please help me. I want my game back

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    I just visited your bakery with no issue. Generally when player gets kicked out, it's either not insufficient device resources to run and load the game, and/or connection issue. Can you try using a different network?

    P.S. Responses are slower on weekends.

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    Thank you so much! I already tried a different network, but the same problem appeared. I tried different devices, different networks, nothing.
    I even reset the factory settings. A downloaded a new game. I was able to enter the game. Then I tried to log in on my "old" bakery and got kicked out again. No one can help me. I don't want to start all over.

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    Thanks for your effort in trying. Try contacting Support: support form and select "Account Recovery" category. Hope you get back your game soon.

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