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Thread: Restaurant Story: September 2019

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Jul 2011
    Please add cookietyler ☺️ I play daily, will respond to requests, and tip daily too

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    Needing some active neighbors! Daily player. I tip and respond to quests every day. ID: Excalibur_3

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    Level 99 player.

    I cannot tip as life is busy. So I will be at 0 stars. I also do not mind if you are 0 stars, or a daily tipper. I try to keep my tables clean for all play styles.

    But I love doing goals and I am a daily goal player.

    Add me if you need a goal player who gifts daily and accepts all requests.

    I play both restaurant story and bakery story with both IDs.

    ID #1 is DreamingRuby

    ID #2 is FrozenFudge

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    Jan 2014
    Longtime player returning, please add: vesstrina

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