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Thread: Taking away gem dispenser

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    [QUOTE=LightAndLove83;1594171]Lost mine too.

    Upside: They gave us our gems back.

    Downside: Not really fair because others had the chance to buy it when they put it out the first time, and theirs weren?t taken away, but more importantly, why can they take back a gem dispenser but can?t give us a square bakery! ROFLMBO!!

    I see some real irony in this. If you don?t laugh, you?ll cry! 🤣

    I agree with you about the removal of legitimately purchased gem dispensers in this current sale. Offering them, and then removing them from those players who purchased them was totally inappropriate, not to mention illegal. However, I do not think that players who bought them when they were offered a few years ago should have theirs removed. This situation is completely different. Then, it was offered to all players. As any other decor item, those who wanted them could buy many as they wanted. Those who did not want them, obviously did not buy them. The thing is, they were offered to all players. The players made their own choices. This time, though, the entire situation, from offering them, selling them, and then, without any notice, removing them from those who purchased them was totally incomprehensible and illegal.

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    Show of hands, anyone who still wants to purchase gems, watch ads, leave positive reviews or do **** near anything in order to ensure the sacred future health of the game!

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    I was one of those who saw the Gem Dispenser for sale, intended to come back later and buy one, but missed out. I really feel for those of you who purchased one in good faith, only to have it taken away. This was an incredibly short-sighted move by those in charge of this game. I thought removing it from the sale was wrong, but then to remove a legitimately purchased item from an individual's game is just egregious and unethical. Yes, they gave you your gems back, but they still have your money. I hope they read these forums and understand how deeply they have wounded their customers. We have lost faith in you, Storm 8. I hope you figure out a way to make this right. And please S8, don't "apologize for the inconvenience." This is way beyond inconvenient.

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    Well said, BettiBoopsie!

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    So i guess this confirms we should never buy gems because they?ll just take the items we buy back. Thanks s8.

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    Also, offering something for gems and then taking it away and refunding gems and NOT the money used to buy those gems... absolutely evil. This was a cash grab and it worked.

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    Yes you made a mistake putting the gem dispenser in the sale, fine, but taking all the gem dispensers back from your customers who bought it legally is beyond words. this is so low and as said before once bought is bought. TAKE YOUR LOSS AND GIVE US BACK OUR GEM DISPENSERS.
    You owe me 10 and I want them back.

    Everybody knows by now that this item will never come back for sale, so I want the ones back bought Legally !

    Correct your illegal action of taking the bought gem dispensers out of our Bakeries. THIS IS SO NOT DONE!

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    In my opinion S8 sucks. I will not spend another penny on their games and I intend to leave a 1 rating every day on BS and RS until I get my gem dispenser back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magikkgal View Post
    When I think about how much money they must have received from this item, I want to scream!
    To be fair, also monthly moneys from players, I have spend over 100 moneys this month,, and yet that was not because of the gem dispenser. I know, probably not the best way to spend it. And I think I add fuel to there madness. And make them think it ok.

    I do hope S8 see and learn from there mistake and improve themselves to become better company.

    As I would be upset to see there downfall, because I see so much potential and growth with S8. They have yet to achieve.

    I will continue to support, as long as there is improvement and fairness amongst players.

    Which lately, there has not been fairness - as obvious by this thread.
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