[QUOTE=LightAndLove83;1594171]Lost mine too.

Upside: They gave us our gems back.

Downside: Not really fair because others had the chance to buy it when they put it out the first time, and theirs weren?t taken away, but more importantly, why can they take back a gem dispenser but can?t give us a square bakery! ROFLMBO!!

I see some real irony in this. If you don?t laugh, you?ll cry! 🤣

I agree with you about the removal of legitimately purchased gem dispensers in this current sale. Offering them, and then removing them from those players who purchased them was totally inappropriate, not to mention illegal. However, I do not think that players who bought them when they were offered a few years ago should have theirs removed. This situation is completely different. Then, it was offered to all players. As any other decor item, those who wanted them could buy them...as many as they wanted. Those who did not want them, obviously did not buy them. The thing is, they were offered to all players. The players made their own choices. This time, though, the entire situation, from offering them, selling them, and then, without any notice, removing them from those who purchased them was totally incomprehensible and illegal.