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Thread: Taking away gem dispenser

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    I’ve never known a company like this. My 2 that I bought a week ago have obviously been taken away as well. I noticed that I had a lot more gems than I should have and it took me a couple of minutes before I realised why. I’m totally shocked that they’ve done this. EVERYONE should get the gem dispensers back. I’m sure everyone would rather get them back rather than get their gems back and everyone that bought gems to to enable them to buy the dispensers should get their money back. It’s a very tiny percentage of bakery story players that visit this forum so most people will have no idea what has happened. They’ll be firing off complaints to Storm8 only to get an email back immediately closing their ticket. No one has any idea what they can do. EVERYONE that has bought gems to pay for the gem dispensers must get in touch with Apple to get their money back. We don’t want gems, we want our gem dispensers back or at the very least the money back if you had bought gems. What a bl**dy company! ��
    Not accepting new neighbours in bakery story at the moment. Thank you.

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    S8 this was an illegal action from your side. The law says once an item legally bought it belongs to the one who bought it and no one ,nobody can take that item back without permission of the rightful owner at that moment.Bought is bought, whether it was a mistake to put it on sale or not.
    Please correct this and give us back what legally belongs to us.
    You made a mistake, take your loss like any other company would do. Your customers have a right on a descent treatment and do not put it off as being a mistake. The fact remains it was for Sale, it was bought by many customers and it belongs to the ones who bought it.
    Think all the people who were confronted with this agree with me . So come on and give the ones who bought the gem dispenser back what they bought. Nothing else you can do, no apologies what so ever, just give us what we are entitled to.

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    When that happened? I didn?t see any sale of gem dispenser these days. The last one I know was years ago. Was it a glitch or something?

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    I am on iphone 6s and the sale didn?t show to me. So many bugs and mistakes. So sorry for all who bought and had the iten taken

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    You’re right,they HAVE to give us back the gems dispenser. It was their mistake not ours ! This is just unbelievable ��

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    So they can take back a gem dispenser in a minute, but fixing the notification issue take weeks and still not fixed?

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    Putting in a ticket with this company is useless. No matter what you need help with, they send an automatic reply saying it is closed. There is NO help for anything in this game. What a shoddy company.

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    I am very angry that you put up with the many articles, including the gem dispenser, and when you see that we all bought a few of you, and you would not take them away, where you were respecting the players, because they were only taking away the gem dispenser, and all the others bought it were not touched, they were honoured and you gave us the gems to dispense because they were not illegally obtained, they were bought with many sacrifices and a long wait, that is trap at their convenience, I'm going to find out who you can claim to make a dearly for, because if we re good for some things, it also has to be, what you have to do is put a limit but are not so brazen and everything will do so, we as consumers have rights, and in particular respect. Respect for respect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LightAndLove83 View Post
    This may be the soundest bit of advice, I’ve heard all day...��
    Great idea about the credit card info. Apparently, contacting S8 is impossible, and if Apple is not helpful, either, that seems the only way to get satisfaction. Thanks for suggesting that idea. I guess I still had some optimism that S8 would show even a thread of dignity and responsibility, and refund the real money that players spent. But, alas, that will not happen.

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