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Thread: Silver Sands Community Event September 3 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellerslie6 View Post
    Ho Hum - Here we go again

    Yet another 4 hour common dragon we are forced to acquire and waste our hard earned food raising if we choose to participate in the event
    Do you realise this will make 45 x 4 hour commons taking up space on our island? Both Community Events and Tales now require we acquire the nominated common - worse in Tales of course because we can’t finish without it. But even in Community Event it is almost impossible to get to end without breeding

    Very few of them are useful in tournament play and raising and/ crafting them plus sending them questing prevents us from using Craft shop to craft the keys we need to ensure we have somewhere to put them.

    Is anyone else bored with the same old format month after month? Is anyone else wishing for something new and exciting?

    Sorry to be so negative but I no longer have any enthusiasm to participate in same old same old.

    Hard working S8 team - can we please have something new - at least for the long term players - or perhaps I am not the norm and I should simply find myself a new game

    This Event Common
    Breeding straight Yellow and White delivers 4 other possible outcomes ranging from 9 to 24 hour breeding times. Based on my luck in previous events I am bound to get at least 2 x 24 hour fails so I am not even going to try. If I can craft one so be it but I am not going to tie up my dens for up to a day breeding yellow/white or combos of same when I already have all the possible “failures”
    Oh I share your sentiments completely...having played this game practically since its has become so boring..its the same thing week after week after week.really nothing to look forward to..even the dragons..they all look like the other with slightly different colours
    Its time for S8 to step up and create something completely new..a challenge..

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    Participants in this and accompanying monthly events will gain up to 7 new dragons - Croconile, Neo Pharaoh, Luxor, Desert, Giza, Papyrus and Sunwing all with the Egypt element - YET we cannot buy this habitat for coins. It is only available for GOLD.

    If I had realised this I wouldn’t have bothered with any of it - even the tournament. To house these dragons In other habitats I have to sell dragons I have already invested food and lots of time - or, spend another 500 GOLD to enlarge storage stable. I am so fed up words fail me.

    Come on S8 - it already costs us 100 gold a week to have extra den. It may be ok for those who started when there were no limits on gold bearing dragons. But for those of us who started later, gold has to be purchased and this game is getting way too expensive
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    Quote Originally Posted by orson32 View Post
    Well the new Silver Sands event has started but the icon to tap on right side of game is missing
    I cleared everything for the first Milestone and it was in my storage but the icon for event is still missing
    This issue has been fixed.
    Closing thread.

    Current Event Thread.
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