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Thread: Not Receiving Leaderboard Points

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    Not Receiving Leaderboard Points

    The info says that you get leaderboard points for crafting in the Windmill, but I haven?t received a single point for anything I?ve crafted. I?ve tried crafting each item, but nothing gives me points.

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    Under Chapter General guidelines for Leaderboard events in Event Guide, I wrote the following. Are your crafts of duration more than 1 hr? If yes can you give specific example of which doesn't give points. The Event Guide is a good place to start reading if you are new to events. The links to Farm 2 Guides are in my signature.

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    For your information:

    With regards to the +1 points in buildings, you get 1 leaderboard point for every 1 hour craft. The game does not show 0.5 points but they accumulate. For crafts of lesser duration than 1 hour, you need to make enough for 1 hour in order to get 1 point.

    Craft items in the Windmill - 1+ points
    6 flour (10 mins) = 1 point
    3 white sugar (20 mins) = 1 point
    2 powdered sugar (30 mins) = 1 point
    1 corn starch (1 hr 30 mins) = 1 point
    2 corn starch (1 hr 30 mins) = 3 points

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