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Thread: FOREST PARTY: Thoth - 2019 Aug 30

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    FOREST PARTY: Thoth - 2019 Aug 30


    Individual prizes

    75 Thoth's Heartstones - Thoth Statue
    450 Thoth's Heartstones - Sobek
    1,250 Thoth's Heartstones - Thoth Monument
    2,000 Thoth's Heartstones - Ra
    3,200 Thoth's Heartstones - Thoth

    Community prizes

    1st - Sphinx Statue.
    2nd - 15000 Apples.
    3rd - 8 Runes.

    Related goal

    Soaring Spirits

    Hatch a Humsprite (Breed Dark + Nature)
    Reward: 250 Thoth's Heartstones

    Raise your Humsprite to Level 10
    Reward: 250 Thoth's Heartstones


    Sobek Egypt/Plant Hatching 20h. Evolve 22h. Feed Schedule E

    Ra Egypt/Fire Hatching 22h. Evolve 24h. Feed Schedule E

    Thoth Egypt/Dark Hatching 15h. Evolve 15h. Feed Schedule E

    Best regards.
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    Like the Thoth, too bad it's out of reach. Happy with the Sobek, one I was missing of the Egypt creatures. Thanks for that S8.
    I'm only playing FFS.
    My forest name = Dragon Pool.

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    My 8th; Jasper Dragon @ 03-07-19
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    When I first saw the pop-up for the Thoth, I thought it was very odd, and I wasn't that excited about it, but now, of course, I want it. Too bad it's out of reach. I gave it my best shot and just now reached the Ra. That's as far as I ever get. I bought a value package during the last Forest Party so I could get enough Heartstones for the Rhinoferrous, but I cant' afford $25 every other week just to get a pretend animal. If I saved all the money I spend on pretend animals and dragons, I could get a real, live English Bulldog.

    Also just saw the pop-up for the leaderboard, and it is just a recoloring of another animal. Definitely happy to let someone else get the top spots for that animal but I will, of course, try hard to hit all the milestones (unless the final milestone animal is also a dud). I worked hard on all 3 accounts to get the Islamane last leaderboard, but only 1 account got it, and that is fine. No need to be greedy. Two of my accounts can't even use the second to last milestone prize, the 10 runes. On those accounts, once I get all the chests of food, I don't really need anything else. At least my baby account can still use free habitats, runes, and all the animals that are offered. Such a bummer that they won't give us some expansions so we can continue to play, which would give us an incentive to participate in events and purchase gems to do so.

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