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Thread: Missing baker

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    Missing baker

    My baker is missing and popularity has dropped to 10. I have force closed it, shut my phone down and uninstalled and reinstalled and that doesn't help. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

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    You don't need to have the little person behind the host table, just the path to the host table unblocked. I would take a chair and hover it over each square on the path to the host table to make sure it's green and thus unblocked. Once I had left a chair in the path and it was invisible so I couldn't see it was in the wayof ppl getting to tables. Or move host next to door.

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    Yap the person behind the host table is optional. You need to make sure that the path from your (1) door to your (2) host table and (3) tables are chairs accessable, i.e. unblocked.

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