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Thread: Castle Story 8/29: The Fast and the Fluttering | event info on page 1

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    I feel super bad for all the people trying for Seyndia with no luck.
    Added salt in the wounds when you see players with multiple.
    And extra brutal this month missing out on the Butterfly Pond too!

    Storm8, you should raise the drop rate and an a max of 1.
    This way everyone gets one.

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    Power of forum ... i want a Seyndia please

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    Add me to the insanely frustrated bandwagon. I really want that pond and Seyndia but it is apparently impossible.

    You want to know what is the absolute worst? I got her on like my 3rd quest, was doing the happy dance excited to put her with my other fairies. Closed the X so I could go to inventory, and the check mark was back on the castle. It reset in the 2 seconds I was happily staring at her. I did some incredibly creative cursing. checked my inventory, hoped for a miracle, no luck, just gone. Since then I have been spending every drop of energy every day beating up those stupid flowers for blooms. No matter how many quests I go on it won't give her to me. Even bought a pack with unlimited energy to beat up more flowers, didn't help.

    I'm starting to hate this game.

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    Everytime you have to explore I got nothing. Still no seyndia. The other with the Turtle and the games before nothing. I start to hate the game too. Why not give every player seyndia, a Turtle etc. That does make the game a lot more fun to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spyd58 View Post
    Have run over 30 adventures trying to get that stupid Fairy. Would not bother but really want that pond!
    I?ve been running two to three adventures a day since that quest became available, but like almost everyone else, I?ve had no luck with getting that Fairy. Only consolation is that I haven?t spent a single gem in this event. That and my good luck at the Baron?s Tent.

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    I GOT THE FARIE FROM GETTING 1000 butterflies yesterday and today it?s gone. Not on my board or in inventory.

    Did dozens of adventures never got the nice red one either.

    This game is broken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ham2905 View Post
    I was expecting Peridae to be large like the energy prize fairy but she?s tiny like the other fairies!
    I?m quite happy with her size, she fits nicely with all the other faeries in my special Faerieland. Monalise is too big, she?s the same size as the walkers. I had to find another place. She looks good next the finished butterfly garden and ice cream heap. We each have our own aesthetics in our realms. I really love the artwork in this game. So many others I see are so cartoony. That said, I don?t care for the looks of the upcoming event and may skip it.

    Oh, and I didn’t get Seyndia either. I did about a dozen or so adventures in the course of doing the event. I did get a couple of the yellow butterflies though. But once I had enough pollen to finish, that was it. I’m not going to frustrate myself chasing a few pixels. She and the animated garden would be nice and I too wish that S8 would be more generous and change the coding on these special drops.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Natasha_07 View Post
    Has anyone gotten Talinum faeries anywhere other than the chests ? I'm trying to gather enough to craft the fairy but the drop rate is incredibly low, not to mention the spring blooms are super rare to get also and Seyndia is a no show.
    Sadly, the crafting material faeries only come from the daily chests. Terrible system in my opinion and I hope they stop using it very soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matjan75 View Post
    Monalise has dropped 5 energy for me so far. Any reports of more (or less) energy?
    I haven?t been paying attention but I know she?s dropped 6 a couple times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    Sadly, the crafting material faeries only come from the daily chests. Terrible system in my opinion and I hope they stop using it very soon.
    Agreed. I really don't like it at all.

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