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Thread: Castle increase levels and energy

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    Castle increase levels and energy

    I hope others feel the same. I?m maxed at level 50 forever. With all the events and challenges can?t storm8 consider more energy boost.

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    I would love to see an increase in levels beyond 50!

    Storm8 can you please consider rolling out higher levels?
    Up to 100 would be amazing. But even up to 80 would be great.

    No additional content needs to be rolled out along with this.
    Would just be fun to see how older kingdoms are progressing.

    No need for a higher energy cap with higher levels.
    40energy/2hrs is the perfect amount for gameplay.
    The additional energy sources - the Wizard Schools & Portals , Alicorns etc - are perfect for any additional energy needed.

    Also, now our kingdoms are expanding rapidly
    Storm8 please raise the caps on roads, wall, trees etc

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