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Thread: Inventory solution requested.

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    Inventory solution requested.

    I?ve been playing castle story for many years. I just love the potential of building lovely scenery and towns in the game. It it?s getting to the point where I want to delete the game. I really hope those who manage and work on the app hear this.

    Every week or two there?s a new mission that adds tons of deco. I appreciate the art, honestly, and that?s why I?m usually willing to invest time and money on some missions.

    But when it comes to putting that deco to work or designing your kingdom, it?s a nightmare. We have over 1000 deco and buildings and have to scroll through 3 items at a time in random order?!! PLEASE HELP! The enjoyment factor of making a personal kingdom is nearly voided at this point because of the headache of endless scrolling needed to find various items. It?s got to change. Period. If you at all value the art and e joy meant of this game please redo the inventory system! Maybe smaller icons so more items per page. Definitely a search bar to quickly find certain items. And the ability to sort your inventory by various factors Including alphabetically!

    If nothing is changed I will stop completing new missions because what?s the point of getting more deco if you do t have the time and energy to wade through 300 pages of random inventory?!

    Sincerely, ?Glisten Grove?

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    Also..we have Special section in invetory .- which has NEVER been used. I wish they would make at least 2 new ones instead

    1) ANIMALS - all creatures, pigs, cows, "living" items from event would go there. So we wouldn't have to search for horses for 200 pages of inventory.
    2) Event related supplies.

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