I have been playing Dragon Story for over 7 years. Have really enjoyed the Leaderboard challenge but something is not right. It?s fine that friends get together and sync points to tie. I understand how there is gold, and boosts and boosts from bingos and some pay money to buy more gold. That?s great. But it seems to me it is mathematically impossible to gain 12000 points in 4 hours. I looked at this persons game and they had 2 nests and 1 evolution temple and 7 farms. Very standard. But the eggs were hatching every hour and adding another egg and rehatching. I play 24 x7 during a tournament and keep everything going. ..3 nests, 7 farms, quests, and bonus items generating 20/60 every 2.5 hours, plus do all the spins and always start with 1.5million crops. The best I could do today was 17,5000 leaderboard points. I hatched several ultra rare dragons and did several boosts. I see chatter on the walls that people are playing with time zones and resetting clocks back and forth which is not strategy but cheating. People are paying real money to play and you need to fix loopholes that allow people to change the clock to accelerate points