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Thread: FOREST PARTY: Fluffywing - 2019 Aug 16

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    FOREST PARTY: Fluffywing - 2019 Aug 16


    Individual prizes

    75 Fluffywing's Heartstones - Fluffy Statue
    450 Fluffywing's Heartstones - Cupid Sparrow
    1,250 Fluffywing's Heartstones - Fluffy Monument
    2,000 Fluffywing's Heartstones - Fluffy
    3,200 Fluffywing's Heartstones - Fluffywing

    Community prizes

    1st - Swan Topiary.
    2nd - 15000 Apples.
    3rd - 8 Runes.

    Related goal

    Blazing Skies

    Hatch a Blazelisk (Breed Nature + Fire)
    Reward: 250 Fluffywing's Heartstones

    Raise your Blazelisk to Level 10
    Reward: 250 Fluffywing's Heartstones


    Cupid Sparrow Valentine/Plant Hatching 14h. Evolve 15h. Feed Schedule D

    Fluffy Lightning/Earth Hatching 16h. Evolve 17h. Feed Schedule D

    Fluffywing Plant/Fire Hatching 15h. Evolve 15h. Feed Schedule E

    Best regards.
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    I *really* like the Fluffywing, but I can't get enough points to get it through normal play, and I can't afford to keep ponying up $$$ to get the final animal. I just did that to get the Rhinoferrous. Plus, I guess this bird is just a recoloring of one of the other birds - can't remember off the top of my head which other bird, though.

    I'm also disappointed that we are getting *another* Fluffy. We just got one a few weeks ago. They are really phoning it in now.

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    I didnt receive my blazelisk points yet and can we change up the sun, moon and hearts changing their name does not change them cant you reuse something else?

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    Same here. I?m always 1000 point away from getting the final animal in these events, even though I play all the time, breeding, farming, evolving. They make it impossible to win without spending $$$. No wonder they don?t add expansions to this game. Players give up due to not being able to win without spending real money. Less players means less chance of updates.

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    They can’t push us out, surely they will eventually give us more land. They only have to open it up for goodness sake. I already have 2 fluffy in storage and so happy ( not) to get another one. Even the animals are going down hill now, not good repeating everything.

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    For goodness sake! Only 2 days left, and the community hasn't even unlocked the first community prize yet. Seriously, if they are going to continue to lose players by not adding more land and not keeping the game interesting with new animals, new events, and new challenges, then they should be smart enough to recognize that they need to adjust the number of points needed to reach the prizes. Of course we know that a miracle will happen and we will magically get all the prizes in the end, but it would be really nice if they would even just act like they still care about this game.

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    Come on S8, can someone let us know what is going on, they never tell us why and leave us to speculate wether the game is going to end soon so therefore no land will be forthcoming. Same animals for events, same trophy for every LB this game has gone downhill fast. I will not spend anymore until they let us know.

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    Pretty telling when we haven't reached the first community prize. Lack of interest and frustration with a game with so much potential and a loyal following. Players have a vested interest and just ask for basics to continue playing.
    I wish they could continue the battles from our early levels that gave us the "boss" animals like Thorilla. Continue Tournaments but add another challenge for great rewards.
    Not sure why Story Books were discontinued, I enjoyed them.

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    I'm relatively new to the game but I've seen so many of the same trophies and animals in the events. I do not need another pink poodle that will just sit in my storage but I'll probably end up with the thing just from harvesting food. I wish they'd come up with something, anything, new. I can't imagine how people feel when they've played this game for a few years. I played two storybook adventures and then they never put another one out. Super disappointing.

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    E alla fine non ci hanno dato neanche i premi della comunit?....eppure continuano a sostenere la tesi che Fantasy Forest continua e che non hanno alcuna intenzione di chiudere questo gioco. Mah! Mi riesce difficile sempre di pi? crederlo 😕

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