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Thread: Stables??

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    Unhappy Stables??

    New to the game.

    Just built a stable. Can I put my cows and pigs inside or is just there to take up space?

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    The Stables are just another resource building. As you level the building up and get farther into the game, it will spawn monsters while dropping coins and items related to cows, sheep and pigs such as Milk, Bacon, Hide, Wool, Prime Cut and Fetilizer.

    For future notice, no building in the game can be used to store other game items. The exception of course, is the "Storage Cellar" which is really just the visual representation of our inventory.

    If you want to know what an item provides before purchasing, you can either hit the '?' in the bottom right corner of the Market Card in the game (the card will flip over and give you more info) or you can check the HUB inventories on the forum.



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