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Thread: Bubble Mania unplayable

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    Bubble Mania unplayable

    The game has become unplayable and is completely messed up for me. Have contacted support but no reply forthcoming. Most of the islands will not download. They say they are downloading but never do! It also randomly says Connection error or you have to connect to the internet but I'm already connected. Have been playing for years but so fed up with so many repeats and so many glitches. Rant over!

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    If your islands are downloading, it sounds like you may have recently updated or reinstalled the game. The game needs time to download the maps and art for the levels. The time this takes depends on the connection strength and stability. Please try leaving the game open over a reliable connection for a few minutes to allow the content to fully download.

    The game may periodically ask you to connect to save your game progress. If it's unable to detect a connection, you may receive an error message. It's possible for your connection to drop during gameplay, so while it may appear that your internet is working fine, a temporary loss of connectivity may impact any online activity you're doing including but not limited to gameplay.

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    How did this resolve? I?m having the same issue. My game has been ?downloading? islands for a good week. Still not done. My current connection speed is 100 Mbps. How big are these files?

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