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Thread: Jade Hook Dragon - August 16 2019 (Needed for the Leaderboard Event)

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    Jade Hook Dragon - August 16 2019 (Needed for the Leaderboard Event)

    Rarity: Common
    Type: Tropic, Green
    Habitat: Tropic Strand, Green Grove
    Available at: Level 15
    Buying Price: 400
    Selling Price: 100

    Breeding Combination: Black + Green (Tropic + Green also works)
    Breeding & Incubation: 4 hours
    Exp Gained: 780

    Good luck! Breed or craft this dragon ASAP and send it out on quests to earn points for you.

    Got it on my first try with Tropic and Forest

    Even though Black and Green is the prescribed formula in the game, use Tropic and Green to avoid a host of really long failures.



    I thought I'd try Black and Green, but the two tries I made with Night and Forest both produced Poison, so I can't tell if the "official" combination works
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    1. Lotus/Forest - 12 hours = Dark Phoenix (Super Rare) !!!

    So much for Common!!!

    2. Forest/Tropic - 18 hours = either Holographic or Waverider - both Rare

    Giving up after 7 failures. Will craft it - and so enable breeding attempts for dragons I really want
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    This one took quite a few tries for me. I tried tropic and dawntree and got nothing but fire grass. Then I tried Night Elf and Dawntree which resulted in (3)10 hour fails. Switch to Raven and Dawntree and got it on the 1st try..smh... Good luck everyone!!

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    which two animals do I use

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    Quote Originally Posted by lsucamo86 View Post
    which two animals do I use
    Green and Black, or Deadpixel used Tropic and Forest and got it - see top post.
    Good luck!

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    Shocker. First try Neo Green & Neo Black. The Neos have been working great for me for the last several common dragons.

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    Dawntree & Night = 15 hours
    Raven & Forest = 21 hours

    Island Name: Amer Island

    Approximately 1190 Unique Dragons Hatched
    Over 280 Unique Dragon Eggs in Storage

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    First attempt: Raven + Forest = 18hrs

    Great start for trying to get this Islander wannabe

    Second attempt: Night + Forest = 21hrs (Doubly awesome! Thanks for nothing! : D)
    Third attempt: Night + Hunter = 4hrs
    Fourth attempt: Night + Hunter = 10hrs

    Yeah whatever. Not even going to bother anymore and sticking to crafting only.
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    I did the combo deadpixel did (but I used Tropic and Neo Forest because I needed Forest for the tourney) and got it on the first try. It works and it's way better than the awful fails using black + green. Shell or Turtle would work here too.

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    Success on first try with Emerald and Hunter. I think this is the first time I’ve ever bred a required leaderboard dragon during the event!

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