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Thread: GOAL: Woodland Wonder - 2019 Aug 15 (5 Days)

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    Spell check first it's Millennium !!
    Btw agree with other comments but happy it's a dragon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    For once this is a goal prize that I'm missing so I'll finish this one I think.

    I do think it's curious that they released a Goal Appliance but didn't release the final reward from said goal set. I'd imagine that any players who missed out on it originally would want the Lemonade Stand more than a box prize - but that's just me.
    No it's not just you... I would absolutely love to have the Lemonade Stand as well. I wasn't playing when that goal was originally released. But I am happy to have new recipes to master. Not doing this goal for the prize... just doing it for the new recipes. So it's a hit & miss for me .
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    Lame prize, skipping.

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    These goals suck!!!!! I would have loved the LEMONADE STAND as I was not playing when it was first given. Seems like the prizes gets more lame by day....and I'm a loyal player that spends money with this game. Seriously considering quitting and never installing again.

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    Hi! the display stand is not finished☹️��Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm very disappointed that the original recipes on the Sour Oven aren't unlocked for those of us who haven't done the original goal.

    I have to say, though, that I'm not surprised. We had the possibility to unlock them when the 5-day goals first started, if I remember correctly. But then people kept complaining and complaining about the goals being too hard to finish.

    Well, now they've made the 5-day goals a lot easier to finish, and for that are giving only the three new recipes.

    A sad decision, but personally I've seen it coming.

    I hope eventually they will decide to let us purchase old appliances and/or locked old recipes with gems. I'd be willing to pay plenty to get access to all the appliances and recipes from before I started playing.

    In the meantime, it'd be great if they upped the difficulty of the 5-day goals again so that we can unlock the legacy recipes, too. I keep wishing and hoping.

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    Hi everyone,
    I just finished it earlier this afternoon.

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    As always, I wish the recipes were on a more appropriate appliance, and that the prize matched the theme. But I'm happy the prize isn't one that I had already! (Even if it's not one I ever cared deeply about, it's nice to get new-to-me stuff.)

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    I'm a new player I have not gotten the original recipes ☹ and instead I was expecting this goal for the original recipes but I guess not PLUS this prize does not even match this theme at all dissapointed

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    I agree that the prize does not fit the goal but it is a unique prize in that it isn?t just a bunch of bots doing something. It reminds of the days when a lot of thought & care was put into prizes, like ice cream truck, fountains, Ferris prizes that were well worth the effort. Now days we do more for a lesser quality of prizes.
    I also agree with the post about having huge #of nbrs to expand, when we only get 20 gifts/day. You?ve greatly increased the #of parts needed to build so why not increase the # of gifts per day to say, maybe 30 or even 50? How would it hur5 S8 to improve the game for us players?

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