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Thread: GOAL: Once Upon A Vine - 2019 Aug 15 (15 Days)

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    They look way better in the cookbook Click image for larger version. 

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    My iPhone has the Quillcakes. If it helps.

    I LOVE the paper, tile and unicorn treat. The final prize seems lame, which is great for me because I rarely finish. No let downs if you don't want it, anyway!
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    This might be the easiest side goal that I remember. Almost on part 3. Prize is alright looking I guess.

    I don’t like the main goal prize, but I know that lots of my spooky-themed neighbors will enjoy some of the new items so that’s good. I just wish Storm8 wouldn’t cut corners with the recipe presentation on the ovens. We used to have different images for the prep and ready-to-serve stages, and I really enjoyed them. Not to mention the counter presentations that are messed up.

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    Looks like I will be building the second stove tomorrow and finishing goal a week early - like last time. Seriously, if anyone wants to finish quick, just spend a few hundred thousand coins and prepare the 2h recipes, store the oven, place it back in the bakery, and repeat. It only took around an hour total to build 4 of the first ovens. You can even get credit for the recipes (instead of scratching them) by spending a gem to speed it up, if you want.

    On another note, I love that the side goal is quick! Thank you, S8, for turning on the Quillcakes for us Android users. I didn't ever download the Poet's version, just old versions prior to 2014 and a few of the more recent ones.

    As far as the appearance, cute oven and stove! I love the glass slipper portrait (works well on the dark blue "forest at night" wallpaper (costs gems to buy), and the pumpkins are perfect! Not sure about the other decor yet. I may find a use for the rest. The wallpaper is green, which I like, but it reminds me of the jungle wallpaper, which was okay. Must be the same designer, since there are similarities between each wallpaper. The unicorn cookies - adorable on the tables!! All in all, this goal is good, in my opinion.

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    Missing Quillcakes - fixed

    The missing Quillcakes has been fixed. Bug posts here have been moved to its dedicated bug thread.

    For reporting of bugs, please use the Bugs and Issues forum. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    I was thinking much the same, that the prize looks so very similar to the Maypole Dancing from the When in Rome Goals. I think I'll have to wait to see it placed in a bakery before I make my final judgement but as of right now, I'm not seeing why I should try very hard for this one...
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    Edit: I'm also not sure if they meant to spell the 1st appliance as Wonderous or if it's a typo. *shrugs* I can never tell what they think is a pun these days, oh well so long as it doesn't impact my playing I suppose it doesn't matter?
    I dont think u have to try very hard... i?m more interested in the new recipes then the goal prizes , Sorry. But last prizes were not that great , except the side goal i went for that but. Placed iT in store for around Valentine s Day
    I only wished they come up with something new ... well u can?t have iT all i guess
    Not adding new neighbors at the moment!

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    I kind of like this. I think the second oven looked a little like Halloween which is interesting. The names are cute and the imagine in the cook book are cute

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    I am really like the fairy tale theme over all. However, I really like the look the of the collectible drops. I wish they were incorporated into a bakery item. I am on a fairy tale kick lately with tv shows, movies, and books. PURPLE

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxEDLxx View Post
    Why does the second oven look all Halloweeny?
    I think it?s supposed to be like fairytale villains

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    I had to complete the 3rd part 2 times

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