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Thread: Castle Story 8/15: A Sweet-Tooth Tragedy | event info on page 1

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    Worst event ever as far as I'm concerned. All I've got are the really ugly cottages and some awful bushes which all went straight to storage.

    I got far behind at the start because the in game information stated that the sweet cream only came from alpacas. If they hadn't lied about this I would have upgraded the ugly mountain quicker and got better drops earlier. I hadn't bothered to look at the forum as it seemed pretty straightforward. You shouldn't need to check a forum for correct basic information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WittyWitch View Post
    Yeah, I haven?t used it since I got to level 10 several days ago. It?s weird to be fully upgraded and be in a bronze coin drought.
    It's amazing how different the drops are for players.
    I've been at level 10 for 6 days.
    I have only received 2 gold coins.
    Bronze coins drop every collection. Today 7 bronze dropped in one collection.

    I gave up hoping for a swirlicorn. I made 9 mystery trades (I only received 9 gold coins the entire event). I received 4 buildings a a sprinkle pea plus plenty of (straight to inventory) ice cream shrubs.

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    Finally received my 20th gold coin and crafted swirly. If I'm lucky I'll maybe get one or two chances (max) to do a mystery trade before this ends (IF I get any more gold coins!). I know this has been a fun event for some, but for those of us who were not fortunate with the drops, this was just frustrating and would've been nice to have some chances to go for an ali in the mystery trade. I get game economies and all that, but at the end of the day, it is supposed to be a game, which should be fun. I can't honestly say I had fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by habanero120763 View Post
    Status after 37 collections from mystery boxes:

    23 shrubs
    9 watchtower/spires
    6 cottages
    6 golden nuggets, 3 trades
    5 energies, 1 trade
    2 sprinklepeas.

    I wonder if the game philosphy of providing continuos disappointments could be a winning concept.

    Storm8 is one day away from losing one of their loyal customer for good who has also invested some real money into the game over the years.
    What wonderful prizes! I also got about the same and feel so grateful for the swag in this event!
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    I only received 16 gold coins through the event. My ICM has been Level 10 for at least five days. I did manage to get this event’s version of the skunkupine and a couple of the skunkupeas. I have several ugly bushes that will go into storage. I guess it is OK to have more towers and cottages, but they’ll spend most of their time in storage. At least I didn’t have a fruitless waste of gold nuggets like I did in the last event.

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    I gave up yesterday on trying for 20 gold coins and started doing mystery trades to use up what I had; two more to go. I did craft Sprinkles today, also got Sprinklepea, along with five buildings and too much ice cream. Mainly I’ve been banking my daily energies for the next event.

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    Last collection before the end of the event . . . yes! A gold coin to hail mary an alicorn. I log back in and the game rolled back and my collection didn't include a gold coin. Sad. 15 minutes ago, I even set a timer to pick up the craft! Guess it's silver coin building materials instead. Sad
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    19 gold coins and my next collection is 10 minutes after the event ends. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

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    The Swirlcorn craft had to be completed before the event ended.
    Whoever did the mathematics on these drops need to change something. I needed just 1 more gold coin for 1 last trade and I got bronze. Where's the fun in that?

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