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Thread: Castle Story 8/15: A Sweet-Tooth Tragedy | event info on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    I was too impatient to save my gold coins for the Swirlicorn, lol. I did 2 Gold Trades,

    1st dropped 1 Ice Cream Cottage and the Sprinklepea:
    Attachment 52695

    2nd trade dropped 1 Ice Cream Spire and a Sundae Shrub (deco only):
    Attachment 52696

    EDIT: SW, can we ask if the Sprinkle is malfunctioning? I've asked around and everyone that has one is just getting $50 and 1 xp every collection. Seems weird that it doesn't even drop the standard monster items or crops.
    Are the Spire & Cottage like regular cottages, upgrades, drops, collection, etc.? Some inventory pics?
    Castle Story "Tome of Knowledge", visit for: Interactive Map, Inventory Cards, Detailed Inventory, and more...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    I just got a Cup of Sugar from the Egg & Dairy trade in the Royal Exchange - would've been better if it was Candied Sprinkles but still...


    Anyway, I've compiled a list of the known drops so far for the different Trades. Maybe it'll help others decide where to put their efforts. I'll add to the list if I come across any other drops.

    Bronze Prize Trade drops 1 item
    - Sweet Cream x1
    - Sugar Crystals x1
    - Cup of Sugar x1
    - Candied Sprinkles x1
    - Ice Cream (for event) x1
    - Sugar x3
    - Sugar Cane x8

    Silver Prize Trade: drops 2 items
    - Sugar Crystal x1
    - Sweet Cream x2
    - Candied Sprinkles x1
    - Royal Sundae (for event) x1
    - Ice Cream (non-event) x1
    - Chocolate x2
    - Syrup x2
    - Mithril x1
    - Fancy Block x1
    - Fancy Beam x1
    - Baby White Sheep x1

    ??? Prize Trade: drops 1-2 items (usually 1 item, rarely 2)
    - Gold Nugget x2
    - Gem x1
    - Energy x3
    - Expansion Permit x1
    - Sundae Shrub (there are a few different colors)
    - Lv.1 Ice Cream Cottage (upgrades same as standard Cottage)
    - Lv.1 Ice Cream Spire (upgrades same as standard Spire / counts toward Royal Building total)
    - Lv.1 Ice Cream Watchtower
    - Sprinklepea
    - Alicorn
    There?s also a chance to get on the ??? Prize trade a dragon and the sweet tooth booth

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevdKathy View Post
    I'm pretty sure I'm getting nothing from the spring lambs. I put my black lambs away since people said they don't have cream. Please can anyone confirm which of the sheep do/don't drop cream? It's unusual for it not to be any and all of them.

    The camel and Easter bunny don't, either.
    I have this info on page 1.

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    How long do those dang sheep take to grow up? Going on day 2 and still not fully grown yet!

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    Sheep work just as nice!

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    Wishtheywerereal -Love your replies from yesterday's grump - loved the idea of your husband doing the toddler stomp for you! really made my laugh

    I'm still sadly waiting for Mr Sprinkles to appear, and am still stuck on 3 sprinkles after many attempts and trying to resist gemming, (failed to resist once already for no sprinkles reward)

    But now I know Mr Sprinkes is stuck on the M25 (I know it too well...) will try and be patient!

    Great analysis of the number of bronze coins needed for the Swirlicorn and the mystery boxes, helps with deciding where to put the effort

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    Thank you to the person that reported that harvesting Cabbages drops cups of sugar!!! I love you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritWind00 View Post
    I have this info on page 1.
    Thank you, I always have page one open to keep checking, but it just says "sheep". Usually this means anything of that ilk. This time, it really is only the simple white sheep, as far as I can tell. Not black, pink, spring or gnome. They have tightened up this event to make it very clear it's only for spenders. Thankfully, there's nothing there I really want.

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    Dark cave formation is the best source of sugar crystal. One sc with each hit.

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    ICM in lvl 6 first time gave something else than bronze, one silver.

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