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Thread: Castle Story 8/15: A Sweet-Tooth Tragedy | event info on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfstone View Post
    Was it a nice shrubbery? Did you place it beside another shrubbery, only slightly higher so you get a two layer effect with a little path running down the middle?

    Obvious joke is obvious. Those rollback glitches are the bane of my existence. Happens to me all the time, right when I get something good.
    Alas I only have a smallish shrubbery collection. Two. I have two sundae shrubs. One green and one taller one. They both look like something one of my very large animals pooped out...with a lovely cherry on top.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm sorry...I know there are several players who love this decor and theme. I'll behave.

    Those rollback glitches are the bane of my existence. Happens to me all the time, right when I get something good
    The funny thing is when I saw the one gem drop I thought, "gee... one generous." *rolled eyes* 😂That will teach me to be ungrateful. 😂
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    i finally upgraded my ICM to 10. and i too got a shrub as a reward. really! wow. i already hae several.
    i love this theme but also find the shrubs look like poop hilarious
    -shortdanzr aka wicked red
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    I didn't dislike the ice cream theme when it was first presented for this event - but neither was I in love with it. However, after being inundated with one pile of ice cream after another from the trades (62 shrubs and counting!) I can now firmly say I'm sick of ice cream. Words I never thought would pass my lips but here we are!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LonBB View Post
    It?s not only about the sweet tooth tragedy.
    What about the trade tickets and the expansion permits?
    Can?t play for a couple of days and I?m gonna lose a lot 😢
    I had thought about that. Energy, tickets we are losing a lot.

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    This thread is extra funny. I have burst out laughing SO many times! OMG. Love this space. : ) Thank you.

    And, empathy to all locked out. Very weird problem! May it be fixed soon. : )
    Nymeria is kingdom name, WishTheyWereReal, esp the unicorns! Huge thanks to people who contribute to the forum.

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    I can't believe the lock out problem has taken this long to get fixed though. How many gems and packs have people not been able to buy because they can't get into their games. Wow...

    i really hope it is fixed and that some form of REAL compensation is given to the players. At this point I think everyone should just be given an alicorn or two and the swirlicorn. Maybe throw in a few dozen shrubbery so that ASweets doesn't feel like the only person here with 62 shrubs (good grief but that's not a normal number of ice cream bushes to have just strewn about in one's garden is it?!)

    And I really REALLY really hope this problem doesn't resurface in the next event because that thing "looks" like a serious energy dropper to miss out on and there would be many strops being thrown I can tell you that!
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    I think they should let us sell/trade unneeded materials/prizes from events my aunt has stuff from 4 and 5 years ago that is just sitting there .......

    i mean we have tons of (35 of one type i counted 28 of another and that's before I gave up ) shrubs from other events that gave them .....let us trade them for something useful as a "spring cleaning" type of event .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herroyalhighnessprincess View Post
    Hi fellow players, can I ask how many alpacas do you guys have? I had 1 prior to the event and have been buying as many as I can. I have 13 now and only just managed to upgrade ICM to level 5. My limiting item is the sweet cream because I just don't have enough alpacas. So worried I won't be able to finish the event.
    Only White sheep & black alpaca gives off the sweet cream.

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    It's Cloudy with a Chance of "Sundaes" this weekend! Power of the post, please send an alicorn through the downpour to save my citizens from gobs of ice cream! Hoping all get to play!!!

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    I am not sure if this was mentioned already, but should we be able to sell cottages and towers won during the event? I do not quite understand why sell option is not available and they count towards building limits.

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