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Thread: Castle Story 8/15: A Sweet-Tooth Tragedy | event info on page 1

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    I?m still locked out too, 6 days now.

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    Could've had a lvl 10 ice-cream mt. 24 hours ago but I'm hung up on getting sprinkles

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    Quote Originally Posted by wamboltia View Post
    Could've had a lvl 10 ice-cream mt. 24 hours ago but I'm hung up on getting sprinkles
    Sprinkles still spawns and Candied Sprinkles still drop once the IceCream Mountain is at LVL10.
    You should upgrade as soon as you can for better coin drops.

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    I am trying to decide whether to save my gold coins for the Swirlicorn or use them to trade for a Mystery prize. I only have 5 gold coins yet. I am almost at Level 9. Just need some more cups of sugar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by puzzlecatz View Post
    Wait I can’t check out your kingdom yet. I am still locked out. Maybe you can check and see my kingdom and see what’s going on for me!
    TY!! & I would luv 2 but I can't seem 2 figure out how 2 go see someone specific that isn't a ngbr..I never understood how ppl did I missing something? Lol

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    If you go and invite me to be a neighbour it will open up the option to visit me even though I haven’t accepted yet

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    Status after 28 collection from mystery boxes.

    18 shrubs
    7 watchtower/spires
    6 golden nuggets (3 trades)
    5 cottages
    5 energies (1 trade)
    1 sprinklepea

    I am after an alicorn only. Kinda hoped that hard work and fully commitment would pay off, obviously not. But let?s see there are maybe 10-15 trades still to go.
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    I?m stuck building mystery crates due to a lack of bronze and gold drops and I?m lvl 10 I have loads of silver coins wish I could exchange the silver for bronze or gold by themselves

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    I got one whole gem for upgrading to level ten. Im going to try not to spend it all at once. I might make some kind of Thanos gauntlet and put that one gem, plus the random topaz/emerald/sapphire drop rewards from other creatures that seem to have no use. Then I can finally control time and space, which when you think about it? is kiiiiind of the best prize.

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    3 days left.
    I have 6 Gold Chocolate Coins, and a level 10 Ice Cream Mountain. Is it still possible to get the Swirlicorn before event ends? Because if not, I'll start trading for mystery boxes instead of saving for Swirlicorn...
    Thanks for any advice

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