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Thread: Castle Story 8/15: A Sweet-Tooth Tragedy | event info on page 1

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    Does anyone know if cottages also drop bowls of sugar?

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    When you trade 2 bronze coins in the sweet stand, you can also get sprinkles that way.

    **Sweet Tooth Booth details (50 gems):
    Trade 3 bronze coins = 1 silver coin
    (15 min timer)
    6 bronze + 3 silver = 1 gold coin
    (30 min timer)

    That is all it does.

    About to reach goal 4, will post updates!

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    Be it any type of alicorn or unicorn I?m flooring it and will collect as many as I can 😂😂😋 can never have too many and every little source of energy helps would love to get a sprinklepea too 🤤🤤🤤 there?s so many good things that I want. I wonder if there is a limit to the unicorn one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wishtheywerereal View Post
    So, colour me stupid, does this mean that unless we get the 50 gem item, we can't get anything but the bronze trade? Might upgraded ice cream mountain also drop them?

    Also, poor realm. We almost got rid of the Baron! Since the wealth he discovered is in sweets rather than coin cash, we are all rather stuck with him. : )
    Oh, man, I hope not! But I bet when you upgrade the ice cream mountain, it drops better coins. If you look at the trades in the sweet stand, it states that silver and gold also come from the ice cream mountain, so that has to be the way?? I guess the gem trade building simply makes better coins, but faster. I predict that silver and gold coins might not have a high drop rate like the bronze.

    The Baron has fallen into the downward spiral of sugar and ice cream!! I wonder if he has PMS 😄

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfstone View Post
    I jumped ahead with gems, but after the first upgrade, here is goal 3 (this is for level 40+ / not sure about lower levels)

    Make ice cream - 2
    Gather sugar crystals -10
    Gather sweet cream (goal 2 counts)
    Make a sparkle sundae -1 (clear up your kitchens because you need them)
    Upgrade to level 3

    I also purchased the sweet tooth booth for 50 gems, so I will try to update if it is worth the $ if anyone wants to know!

    I was able to get bowls of sugar from toadstool farmhouses, too.

    Start to load your crops with sugar cane. I predict lots of sugar crafting.

    You get bowls of sugar from farmhouses but still have to make your own sugar, too??
    Sugar, sugar & more sugar. Does seem silly doesn't it!?!

    I just defeated a dire boar & got another faerie chest .... which still dropped the faeries. I hadn't finished those daily goals yesterday 😆
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    With Alpacas having an 8 hour timer, sweet cream will be the bottleneck.

    I will start this event, but if the only CHANCE for an alicorn is by buying a building with gems, then I won't continue for very long.

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    Sweet Tooth Booth
    Silver Chocolate Coin Exchange: Trade 3 Bronze Chocolate Coins for 1 Silver Chocolate Coin
    Gold Chocolate Coin: Trade 6 Bronze Chocolate Coins and 3 Silver Chocolate Coins for 1 Gold Chocolate Coin.
    Takes a total of 15 Bronze Chocolate Coins for 1 Gold Chocolate Coin, you need 20 gold coins for Swirlicorn. So, 300 Bronze coins to exchange for 20 Gold coins for Swirlicorn using only Sweet Tooth Booth. This doesn't take into account any silver or gold coins dropped from Ice Cream Mountain.

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    Goal 4 and Sprinkles Goal Unlock

    Goal 4:
    Visit Ice Cream Mountain - 1
    Fight off Sprinkles - 3 (ICM spawns him)
    Gather candy sprinkles - 5 (Defeat sprinkles)
    Make a Royal Sundae - 1
    Upgrade mountain lv4
    Reward 100coin, 10xp, 1 candy sprinkles

    A Chance of Sprinkles Side Goal unlock:
    Gather Candy Sprinkles - 30
    Gather Fur (unknown?already had enough in my inventory)
    Gather creep tooth (same - already had it)
    Summon Sprinkles - 1 (summon in workshop)
    Reward 100coin 10xp

    Level 4 mountain requirements:
    1 Royal Sundae
    9 silver
    1 Sparkle Sundae
    17 cups of Sugar

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    So is ICM going to drop the silver and gold coins, or do we have to spend the 50 gems for the Sweet Tooth Booth?

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    Gingerbread farmhouse also dropped cup of sugar. Also collected from 6 goats but no sweet cream so I guess they aren't droppers.

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