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Thread: Trouble to generate money due to overload of impossible orders

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    Trouble to generate money due to overload of impossible orders

    The moment I reached level 14, I was overloaded with possibilities and quests to buy new factories, trees, animals and what not.
    Since then 90% of the orders are impossible to fulfill, and even aborting them only results in getting new orders with the same yet impossible items. How am I supposed to generate enough coins to buy new factories, animals and plants to eventually fulfill more complex orders, and to receive materials to expand as well? This takes a lot of fun away. I remembered how this was the exact reason that I deleted Farm Story from my iPhone a few years ago, but I'm sad to learn that on that matter nothing much changed. :/
    I wonder how people get far in the 50s~70 levels without spending a fortune on diamonds.

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    I’ve been playing this game for a long time probably three years so my farm is in the 90s. I got a new iPad about a year ago and thought I’d start a new farm rather than transfer the old one over. It was fun until about level 20 and I ran into that same issue described above. Maybe I was spoiled by being high level on the old one, but it was like walking through mud trying to advance. THe people who are going to spend are always going to spend and the ones who aren’t won’t. My thinking as I’ve watched the game evolve and read the forums is the game is no longer about fun first money second it’s about money first and find fun if you can. There were never events piled on top of each other the way they are and gems are required to buy event items way more than before.

    Needless to say I trashed that new farm and downloaded the old one.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone with my impression on how Farm Story 2 is being turned into an ATM.
    It's pretty overloaded and real slow, prices for items are out of proportion, missions are unable to clear, the warehouse gets spammed with goal items, if you want to or not. I can't send gifts to neighbors *shrugs*. I DLed the game to have a little distraction from daily life, but it distracts me way too much, and sadly not even in a positive way. I wish they'd take this kind of critique to heart and change the way missions are constructed in the lower levels.

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