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Thread: Jewel mania lost again..

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    Unhappy Jewel mania lost again..

    I'm sorry to post this but a few days ago, I thought it would be fine to enter the game with my iphone4 but the same notice that I was playing with another device popped up and my progress got lost on my Samsung devices again....
    I'm sorry for repeating the same mistake but could you please recover my progress again?
    Support ID, current level is provided in ticket #[] and the android version of the game is
    Thank you
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    Oh dear sorry to hear that your games are mixed up again.

    For this, you definitely need to contact Support: support form so an agent can help you. Please open a ticket if you have not done so. You can let the Agent know the details referenced in another ticket or better yet, do a copy and paste from your old ticket if you dont want to retype your details. Hope your games get sorted out soon. All the best!

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    I did open a ticket and I will send the ticket number via PM.

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    The game will automatically sync to Game Center if you open the game while you are logged into Game Center.

    To play on Android and iOS, you won't be able to use Game Center at all because it's not compatible with Android. I recommend logging out of Game Center on the iPhone to avoid this from reoccurring in the future.

    Please message me your ticket number and we'll see if we can help you before the weekend.

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    Thank you all for resolving the problem!
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