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Thread: Social Bug?

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    Question Social Bug?

    I've Noticed the last couple days playing the game, that when ever i go into the social > community area. The games closes right away and says, "Google Play is having a hard time connecting to the game. Yet, im not going into the "Google play" tab. Im just clicking on the Social community tab so i can check out fellow players kingdoms.
    I'm playing on a LG Stylo 4.
    Anybody else?

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    If your wifi signal isn't very strong, the game will close. It could be a few things and there are plenty of tips in the Troubleshooting thread in this forum (near the top of the list of threads) you could try. It may be as simple as freeing up some memory on your device. Sometimes reinstalling the game will help clear the cache, but if you've visiting a lot of other kingdoms, then the memory usage will go up again as it saves the layout of other players kingdoms in game memory.

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