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Thread: Bakery Story: August 2019

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    ID mrsmcghee33107

    My play style is...Daily, goal player. I answer all request. I rarely visit or tip. I gift basic parts outside of goal. I mass gift 1st goals parts the first 3-4 days then switch to 2nd goal parts the rest of the goal. I watch for wall request and if your daily request changes from goal parts back to general then I will gift you basic parts the rest of goal period.

    I would like neighbors who are above level 45, play goals, gift goal parts during goal and basic outside of goal. Please do not send food or special oven parts. No daily tipping/wall posting necessary (unless specific request needed).

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    Add me: hiwelcometohowtocookthat

    looking for more neighbors, will try to leave tips, and give gifts when possible. add me >> hiwelcometohowtocookthat

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    Add me Enormeporc 😉

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    New Resident
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    Aug 2019
    ID: pytan14

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    Add me!

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    Add me please elizabethhmx daily player

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    Farm Supplier
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    Apr 2011
    Add me id: aromakiss

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    LET Your neighbor is me: SabrinaAhri 🥰🥰🥰

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    Jul 2011
    Add Me: cookietyler - I play daily, send parts, and tip daily.

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    New Resident
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    Aug 2019
    Not big on tips but I do accept gift requests, otherwise i just send regular parts or special parts if theres an event. Daily player. will post if i'll be on "game leave"

    RS and BS: mikkimaus

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