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Thread: GOAL: Pearly Whites - 2019 Jul 30 (15 Days)

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    The goal foods look great on the counters (at least the first recipe, so far. The goal prize is okay. As for the Side Goal prize, I hope I don't offend anyone (that would never be my desire, really) but my question is...why does there need to be a religious symbol on the Wedding item? This is the only item I have seen with this symbol. It is a lovely item of decor, of course, but not every player wants to display an item that has a cross on it. The players in these games represent a variety of religions, and some may not subscribe to any. Just saying...some players might not be comfortable displaying this item. Hope everyone understands that I mean no disrespect with this post.

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    I won't complaint about the tray as long as we've got some finished recipe
    Thanks God the first recipe is okay..

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    Aphrodite Fountain looks nice! It's been a while since I liked a main goal prize.

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    It seems like we need to bake fewer items in each step this time around. That’s nice.

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    OMG! I just LOVE so much this goal, thank u S8

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    quick question: im currently on goal 1, but if i buy tables and chairs now... will they count towards goal 8??? or will i have to buy the 4 tables and 4 chairs AFTER i complete goal 7??? tia for any resp.

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    Not getting very many collectible parts when prepping and cooking first recipe, Pearlescent Pastries. Anyone else having same prob?

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    Quote Originally Posted by coconutellamama View Post
    quick question: im currently on goal 1, but if i buy tables and chairs now... will they count towards goal 8??? or will i have to buy the 4 tables and 4 chairs AFTER i complete goal 7??? tia for any resp.
    You can buy the Tables, Chairs and Counters before the goal and it will count. Everything else, you have to wait for the goal to ask for the purchase. A good indicator is the wording; 'have' usually means the goal counts previous purchases, but 'purchase', 'buy' or 'build' usually means it has to be purchased at the goal's request.

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    I guess I could take offense by the golden idol. But I can choose to not play towards it.
    That's really a moot point for me because I rarely get that far. I can't seem to get my ovens built fast enough.
    But I'm getting pretty good at reaching the side goals.

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    Thank you for posting the goal information! I cannot express how helpful this is...

    I absolutely L-O-V-E the Aphrodite Fountain!! The floors, walls, and counters are gorgeous, as well. I agree with some regarding the ending prize. It is disappointing to see a prize unrelated to "pearls"... Similar to the jungle prize; I was expecting Jaguars, monkeys, parrots, rainforest, etc., but it was common animals and children.

    As far as building ovens, surely others take advantage of the pieces collected from recipes! With gems, it costs around 1 gem per 2 hour recipes. Prepare, spend a gem, and there you go. Repeating this will help collect parts and count towards progress.

    Another way, if you have the coins, is to prepare the recipe then store the oven. Place it back, prepare, store... repeat. Although it wastes the dish, it doesn't take long to gather pieces for parts. It took me approximately 200,000 coins (maybe 35 minutes) to completely build two ovens from ground zero. After gifts and requests tomorrow, I will have 5 ovens built. With enough ovens, the goals won't take long at all to complete. Possibly Thursday, I can start building the drink machine. This saves time by shaving days off of the timer; plus, you do not have to wait for neighbors to gift and respond to requests.

    As others have mentioned, I also started baking the nine pumpkin pies. I did watch 2 videos to cut down on the first pie, but I will just wait to bake the next eight tarts when the pumpkin pie timer is closer to six hours remaining. ** If I need oven space, I will just store a few pearl ovens and then resume goal baking afterwards. At least the side goal will be completed quickly.

    Hope this info helps someone!
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