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Thread: GOAL: Pearly Whites - 2019 Jul 30 (15 Days)

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    GOAL: Pearly Whites - 2019 Jul 30 (15 Days)

    15 Day Goal - Pearly Whites
    *Goal should end August 13, 2019*

    Goal 1: Pearly Whites
    Buy 8 Wall Pearls (16g to skip)
    - Wallpaper
    - $8,000 each
    Buy 12 Pearly Floors (24g to skip)
    - Floor Tiles
    - $9,000 each
    *Rewards: $2,620, 70 xp, UNLOCKS - Pearlescent Baker Appliance* *Side Goal Opens*

    Goal 2: Ocean Treasures
    Serve 3 Pearlescent Bakers (4g to skip) *TYPO - Serve = Build*
    - 1 Fully Built for Free
    - $35,000 each
    - 28 Pearly Book + 12 Baker's Spring
    Serve 18 Pearlescent Pastries (30g to skip)
    - 2 Hours
    *Rewards: $2,650, 70 xp, UNLOCKS - Pearl Silk Cake Recipe*

    Goal 3: Pearlescent Perfection
    Serve 10 Pearl Silk Cake (30g to skip)
    - 3 Hours
    Buy 2 Pearlescent Ticker (4g to skip)
    - Wall Deco
    - $22,000 each
    *Rewards: $2,700, 75 xp, UNLOCKS - Pearl Shells Recipe*

    Goal 4: Shiny White Floors
    Serve 14 Pearl Shells (45g to skip)
    - 5 Hours
    Buy ANY 1 floor decoration (can't skip)
    - Must be new purchase
    *Rewards: $2,770, 75 xp, UNLOCKS - Pearlescent Mixer Appliance*

    Goal 5: From Sand to Star
    Build 3 Pearlescent Mixer (4g to skip)
    - 1 Fully Built for Free
    - $39,000 each
    - 40 Pearly Texts + 32 Mixing Screw
    Serve 23 Pearl Tea (15g to skip)
    - 2 Hours
    *Rewards: $2,880, 80 xp, UNLOCKS - Pearl Nectar Recipe*

    Goal 6: Gems of Nature
    Visit 12 Community Members (12g to skip)
    - Neighbors do not count
    Leave 12 Tips (12g to skip)
    - Tipping any other bakery counts
    Have 2 Pearlescent Display (4g to skip)
    - Counter
    - $15,000 each
    *Rewards: $3,000, 85 xp, UNLOCKS - Golden Roses Floor Deco*

    Goal 7: Pearly Gates
    Serve 18 Pearl Nectar (45g to skip)
    - 7 Hours
    Have 1 Golden Roses (2g to skip)
    - 1x1 Floor Deco
    - $20,000 each
    *Rewards: $3,300, 90 xp, UNLOCKS - Pearlescent Smoothie Recipe*

    Goal 8: A Hint of Pink
    Have 4 Lacey Table (8g to skip)
    - $14,000 each
    Have 4 Lacey Chair (8g to skip)
    - $16,000 each
    *Rewards: $3,470, 95 xp, UNLOCKS - Aphrodite Fountain Floor Deco*

    Goal 9: Pretty Summer Shells
    Serve 24 Pearlescent Smoothie (60g to skip)
    - 10 Hours
    Have 1 Aphrodite Fountain (2g to skip)
    - 2x2 Floor Deco
    - $32,000 each
    *Rewards: $3,700, 100 xp, 1 Free Fabulous Idol*

    Final Goal Prize:
    Fabulous Idol, 4x4, 65 Gems
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BS 07-30-2019 Main Goal Prize.jpeg 
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    Pearlescent Party Part One:
    Serve 6 Fruit Tart (44g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - 6 Hours *under Pie tab*
    Serve 1 Pumpkin Pie (50g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - 46 Hours *under Pie tab*
    Rewards: $1,050, 33 xp

    Pearlescent Party Part Two:
    Serve 8 Fruit Tart (66g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - 6 Hours *under Pie tab*
    Serve 3 Pumpkin Pie (60g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - 46 Hours *under Pie tab*
    Rewards: $1,050, 33 xp

    Pearlescent Party Part Three:
    Serve 10 Fruit Tart (88g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - 6 Hours *under Pie tab*
    Serve 5 Pumpkin Pie (70g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - 46 Hours *under Pie tab*
    Rewards: $1,050, 33 xp, 1 Free Wedding Ceremony

    Final Side Goal Prize:
    Wedding Ceremony, 4x4, 24 Gem Value (Originally released as 1st Prize in Valentine's Chest on Jan. 20, 2012.)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BS 07-30-2019 SG Prize.jpeg 
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    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show

    Aug. 08, 2019 - 4 Day iOS Value Pack Offer:
    Spoiler: show
    Shimmery Partygoers is a 4x4 Floor Decoration worth 48 Gems that was released Dec. 07, 2017 as Goal Prize for the Winter's Ball Goal.
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    I love the side goal prize. Have been wanting one of those for a while(:

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    Prize preview:

    They look nice but not necessarily "pearly". Hopeful that the recipe presentations will at least be nice.
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    The aphrodite fountain only likes nice

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    The only item I like is wedding cermony!!! I so happy to see 1st prize again. But I do wish it pearl grotto because I feel that go better, because it pearl goal.

    Side goal look very easy also!!! I so happy right now!!!

    If only it pearl grotto so everyone can play side goal. If wish and so there not no problem.
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    Looks good

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    This goal looks better than the last one! I hope there are no half baked counter presentations either!

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    I'm pretty happy with this goal as a whole. Everything is beautifully drawn down to the recipes and all the items would work well together or with other items previously released - very well done. Kudos, s8.

    The only thing I would change if I could, would be the final prize. I'm sorry but I'm just really, very bored of every goal prize being the same. It's all variations of kids in a garden; they just put a new item beside the kids to tie in with the goal and it's pretty stale at this point. As far as complaints go, it's a minor one which is a vast improvement over the goals we've been seeing so it barely registers as a complaint, really.

    Now let's just hope those gorgeous recipes transfer well to the counters!

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    Wow love it(●'◡'●)ノ♥

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    I’m not happy about a 46hr item for the side goal. Slows things down a lot. I do like that there are only 2 recipes involved though.

    I think the paper, tiles, tables, chairs and counters are all very nice. Only one of three goal prizes has anything to do with pearls though. Don’t like main prize at all. Tired of dancing kids.

    And please, ENOUGH WITH THE TRAY PRESENTATIONS! Cupcakes in first recipe could be really cute if they were not on that ugly tray with the red handles. At least the cupcakes are fully cooked and adorable.
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