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Thread: Gentle Gazebo Habitat

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    Quote Originally Posted by trina4robinson View Post
    I tried what the instructions said and it is still telling me to put in gazebo
    What is the name of the fawn you have.

    If it lives in the fawn Meadow is it placed on your farm with an empty spot.
    Each habitat only holds three pets.
    If you are playing on an Apple device you can store pets in the cellar.

    I don't see the fawn Meadow displayed on your farm.
    I do see a fawn walking around your farm though?
    I am assuming now that you have Blossum Fawn that lives in the Wildlife Den!
    Different Fawns live in different habitats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 19Deltaxxx View Post
    Just got the "ape" from the movie star task... to find that he needs this gazebo to be placed on my farm... 500 gems which I do not have. Will this "habitat" be available any time soon for coins, or is my gorilla destined to live in storage forever?
    Movie star will go in jungle falls habitat 😉

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