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Thread: GOAL: Refreshing Confections - 2019 Jul 25 (5 Days)

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    Am I going about this wrong because a $100,000 oven doesn't seem worth it.

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    Sorry folks, killer migraine so it's just going to be a quick write up tonight.
    I'll make sure to get the final edit done and post all the pics up tomorrow.

    Thank you so much for all your help. This helps very much with my planning.
    Be thankful for each day as it is a Gift
    Sorry not adding Neighbours at the moment.
    Limited play

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    So appreciate you taking time out despite not being well. Can plan beforehand only because of your goal updates. Feel better soon and take care.

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    I intend to only do the first 3 goals. I am only buying 1 oven and I do not think all the goals will be doable, for me, with just the one. Which is fine with me, I will still have all the recipes unlocked by doing the 3. Plus the Swan is not my style, I do not like it.
    The Candy oven looks great and it has 6 recipes. I am pleased.

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    I'm happy with how the first recipe looks on the counter let's hope the same for the rest!!

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    I have always wanted the Candy Cake, so happy to be getting that.

    That is pretty much the only thing I am excited about with this goal. That and being able to master 6 new recipes (12 gems).

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    I like this one! Ice sculptures are great anytime. They use them at galas and weddings. Thanks Storm8 for making the gem cost super low to skip building or buying this oven. I already had 13 from many many ago.

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    The first recipe is cute but I hate how they put the recipe on trays. They're uglyClick image for larger version. 

Name:	bakery_story-2019-07-26-04-55-05.png 
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    To me it looks like a hotdog due to the red handles on the tray

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    In Part 3, you have to serve 6 Perfect Posset, not 8.
    Thank you so much for the advance information, AnnirasSweets! I was able to get my RVC cooking right away while I dealt with all the faster recipes.
    Hope you're feeling better.

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