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    Question Wall Players

    I saw a thread about 2 star players and noticed they didn?t bring up ?wall players.?

    I?ve noticed a growing trend, since 2013, of people playing from their wall. I feel that if you play daily, or at least thru the week, then you have nothing to worry about, but I?ve noticed a lot of those players who tip and/or gift from their wall, don?t necessarily gift or tip back if their neighbor visits them. This is why I don?t generally care for wall players.

    If EVERYONE did that, nobody would get a visit.

    I know it can be frustrating when you set aside time to visit your neighbors and you feel like it?s one sided, or IS one sided, but I have felt that if your neighbors aren?t making the cut, then maybe they aren?t the right neighbor for you. ...And it really isn?t fair to those that uphold their end of the bargain, to penalize them for what others do.

    Some players have jobs, family, and other responsibilities, and so I realize that playing from their wall, might also be the easiest way to make sure your they?re putting in more effort then they?re neighbors might be willing to put in themselves, but the other problem this presents is, their neighbor may have just logged into the game and if they are trying to get ovens built and started, now they have to wait for their neighbor to respond and gift, and with goals being so much harder to complete, we need for our neighbors to step it up.

    I played this game for 6 years before taking a 6 month hiatus. I?m back now and I?m looking for neighbors who really enjoy playing. I know the game isn?t our life, but just like any multi-player game, we all have to be present.

    I am currently looking for a few more neighbors, as well.

    1. I play DAILY
    2. I Tng from newsfeed first, then wall, then list, but ALL receive a visit. I don?t wait for others to visit me!
    3. I play at reset Tuesday, Thursday & Friday mornings. I play between reset and 8am CST the rest of the
    week. I prefer players that play when I do. It?s no fun playing alone. lol!
    4. Weekends, I silent visit, BUT if I can?t gift you, I?ll leave a message so you have some kind of indication
    that I came by.
    5. I DO leave a post with my preference for the following day. Some people don?t like having to gift people
    ?certain gifts.? I always try to maximize gifting. Yes! we can send parts requests and create our own
    parts by cooking, but having neighbors send gifts according to needs is a huge help and lessens the
    amount of time you have to wait for the parts you need.
    6. I will send whatever a neighbor prefers. #5 applies to my neighbors as well.
    7. Finally, we all play the way we do according to real life responsibilities. If a neighbor is deleted, it?s not
    personal. It?s not that we don?t like you, or that we are being mean. It?s really all about how we play and
    whether or not our neighbors are a good fit with our way of playing.

    I hope this doesn?t offend anyone. It?s not meant to. I just wanted to see how others feel and what they think. Wishing EVERYONE a wonderful week!

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    If you're looking for new neighbors, I'd recommend posting in the Add Me Forum where you'll find the most players actively looking for new additions and they're much more likely to see your request.

    In general, I've found that posting my game playing style on my wall I helps to avoid players with different expectations from adding me. When it's plainly stated that I only mass gift parts and don't post on walls daily then anyone adding me can't reasonably expect any different. Over time, if I see that our playing styles don't mesh well then I just drop them a note saying as much. Usually I'll write something like, "I see we have different gaming styles; I think it best I remove myself from your list so you may add another who better fits your style." Just because we're not compatible as neighbors doesn't mean it has to be a big deal, right?

    There's no rational reason to keep suffering through daily disappointment or drama over playing styles. After all, there are more than enough players that no one should have trouble finding a group of reliable peers who value the same aspects of the game.

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    You can post you ID and find others looking for neighbors in the ADD ME forum.
    See link provided in previous post.
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