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Thread: New Goal Oven and Beach Hut

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    New Goal Oven and Beach Hut

    The oven is messed up. I can?t finish making the first food.

    Regarding the beach hut. Get a new prize. It was just used as a prize. I already have one.

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    I hope the side goal prize is a mistake! They already offered it in the last side goal as a prize too!

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    This has been brought up, but as of now it doesn't seem like it's going to change. Please refer to the Goal Thread for more:

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    These have been fixed. Here's the bug thread -

    For reporting of bugs, please use the Bugs forum. Thanks.

    For further discussion on goal, please continue in goal thread. GOAL: In the Jungle - 2019 Jul 11 (15 Days)

    Closing duplicate thread.

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