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Thread: SOLVED: Orchid ovens all messed up!

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    I think ONE of my Orchidai Swirls counted towards the Sloissants goal, but it may have been a temporary bug-within-a-bug. My next batch of Orchidai Swirls no longer count - apologies to folks who tested this out for themselves. What a mess. I almost never complain on this forum because I do still find most of the recipes beautiful, but this can't be a difficult game to run, and at this point it's a show of sloppiness that simple bugs are popping up without getting immediate fixes

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    Same problem here, please get this resolved so we can continue to play..

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    No response from Storm 8 at all? Where are you hiding Storm 8? Who are you hiring now, to be creating such a MESS in the games, and it's not the first time. How are you gonna fix this one?? And why haven't we even gotten an apology from you about this mess? And I'm not a "new resident", I've been playing these games for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gpsyy View Post
    I'm not sure. I'm now unable to bake the Flower Tower, or any of the recipes from the first oven. I think they mixed up the recipes from the first and second oven. Anyone else has this issue?
    yes its a rushed update i believe. They mixed it up again
    LOL. wait a bit i guess. im stuck at the flower cake.

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    Same problem here I am stuck too hopefully I can continue to finish this goal? Also, I tried to contact storm eight and they say they cannot help me wow!!!

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    I?ve lost all the fun recipes I had in this oven!,!!!!!PLEASE CIX YOUR MESS S8!

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    Why on earth is going on?! Somebody goofed when fixing the oven bug. They deleted last goal oven food from the current one and inadvertently switched the oven and swirler recipes. And when oh when will somebody clean up Stormie?s Bakery with its rotten food and mismatched furniture?

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    Whoa. I figured since I finished the first post yesterday (in both games) that I could go about my day without checking into forum or game. Clearly a mistake.

    I see there's been a terrible mixup in the game, but there's literally nothing we can do until a Mod logs in and flags this over with the team. Players have already created a Bugs thread, I've linked it from the first page. Please, keep in mind that this thread is meant to be goal discussion only and all talk of problems should remain in the Bugs thread.

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    I got that message on my last problem, they don’t want to help us anymore

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