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Thread: SOLVED: Orchid ovens all messed up!

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    Absolutely ridiculous. Mistake after mistake after mistake!
    Not accepting new neighbours in bakery story at the moment. Thank you.

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    Just served 3 orchedai swirls, they did not count towards my goal. Stuck.

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    It didn't work for me. So I’m stuck.

    Quote Originally Posted by prgirl91 View Post
    I just started making the Swirls to test your theory. I hope it works, because if not, I'm stuck!!!

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    I made 6 Flower Towers earlier (which look nothing like any flowers I have looks like pudding). Now, I cannot continue since that recipe has disappeared! Too bad the Swirls don't count toward the Flower Tower requirement. What a mess!

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    I can't further the Jungle quest of Bakery due to the fact that the drinks from 2nd machine are there, and not the orchid cakes, of which I am to do next. They were there last night. What am I to do?!

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    I?m having the same problem with the recipes messed up.
    Well, I guess we can do the side goals while waiting.

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    QUOTE=xxEDLxx;1586910]Not to mention recipes are messed up again[/QUOTE]

    They tried to "fix" it and now I only see the swirler' recipes in the orchid oven!!! None of the orchid oven recipes are in the orchid oven! How am I supposed do complete the first goal if don't have access to the right recipes?!?!?

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    The flower towers look like they need to bake a little longer...

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    Orchid ovens all messed up!

    What happened?! The Shoreline oven & stove both now have the same recipes and the 1st orchid oven no longer has its recipes to match the goal!!!!!

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    So basically the only thing we can do the side goal for the same prize we got at the last goal. That’s just meaningless....

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